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Now open bath shop, please, the overall sanitary ware market

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-03
For sanitary ware shop, now there are plenty of sanitary ware products makes the whole market is bloated, inundated with consumers, often leads to small brand survival space, so please start sanitary ware shop now, the overall sanitary ware market? Appollo the wei yu that take you to see. According to the China's overall sanitary ware industry analysis report, according to data in 2016, our country the overall sanitary ceramics permeability is zero percent. 15, predicts 2018, the overall sanitary permeability will rise to zero percent. 8, the size of the market rose to 2. 4 billion yuan. Industry insiders estimate that over the next five years, the overall market space that defend bath will reach more than 40 billion. As people degree of ascension to the attention of the household products that defend bath, the whole bathroom solutions, a full set of bathroom solutions are becoming popular. Whole wei yu more and more attention in the industry and consumers.

whole sanitary ware is obvious advantages, convenient purchase

whole wei yu is refers to the bathroom furniture products, shower room, Screen) , faucet, shower products, all kinds of functions, ceramic tile, and bath crock of the bathroom, kitchen hardware accessories, etc. Under the wave of the overall trend, to show the above these products is no longer a single, but will become a group into the home, become a series, the whole sanitary ware is out of the whole space that defend bath after decorate the environment will be more harmonious, consumer purchasing and after-sales is very convenient and quick.

the whole wei yu to install than 80

the overall sanitary ceramics industry chain link is numerous, the upstream including traditional sanitary ceramics raw material, the whole bathroom ceramic raw materials, processing equipment such as hydraulic press, new middle including sanitary ware, hardware and other accessories, including downstream sales terminals, engineering projects, export, etc. Therefore, the enterprise needs to have high ability of resource integration, there cannot be too obvious. The overall sanitary ceramics development good is Japan. In Japan, people on the whole sanitary ceramics accept degree is high, the price is reasonable, half family twenty percent of disposable income is installed a whole bathroom ceramics. Research data, according to foresight industry in Japan, all kinds of residence, install the proportion of the overall sanitary ceramics has reached more than 80.

China's overall market space that defend bath major

the overall sanitary ceramic growth, it is as a new generation of young people grow up, different consumption concept before; Second, consumption upgrading under the big trend, people pursue the higher quality of life. Under the action of two factors, the overall sanitary ceramics market demand will be increased significantly, promote industry into rapid growth. As of the first half of 2017, our country housing starts decreasing cumulative year-on-year growth of fourteen percent. But in the second half of the real estate market has cooled, expected the housing starts decreasing growth of ten percent, to 11. 73 million sets. From this side, the overall market space that defend bath is quite considerable.

in the future, the overall sanitary ceramics to grow, lower price is certain. But this requires the overall sanitary ceramic enterprises have enough industrial chain of control, through the integration of upstream, midstream resources, to achieve the purpose of the compression cost, thereby giving impetus to the growth of the overall sanitary ceramics market.
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