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Profit margins big wei yu, intelligent bathroom products development

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-28
In the progress of science and technology at the same time, our life is also in constant progress, intelligent household into ordinary people, from induction faucet to intelligent toilet, and so on. So margins big sanitary ware, intelligent bathroom products development? Appollo sanitary ware to take you interpret this problem today.

smart bathroom industry into China for nearly a decade, but its development has been disappointing. Although domestic intelligent sanitary ware technology have not lost in developed countries, and many domestic intelligent sanitary ware will also the products are exported to overseas, but smart bathroom or not widely developed in the domestic market.

, according to the relevant data in China sanitary ware market scale will reach 744 in 2011. 6. 7 billion yuan, 2015 by 900. 0. 1 billion yuan, but intelligent sanitary wares share is fairly small, traditional still dominate, sanitary ware the sanitary ware market competition is intense, but more than eight is still traditional bathroom products.

in addition, the application of intelligent sanitary standard it become its marketing difficult difficult to unity. Intelligent sanitary ware industry for 10 years, but has failed to make out the relevant industry standards, intelligent sanitary ware is a cross cover more industry systems engineering, and the equipment manufacturer production equipment according to different interface standard and agreement, the interconnection between different devices, become very difficult.

in the face of such a predicament, enterprises that defend bath also continue to take action. Many enterprises on the one hand, have called for domestic intelligent sanitary ware industry standards can be worked out as soon as possible, to establish the agreement to follow, to accelerate the development of industry.

the domestic intelligence sanitary ware is the market potential is very great. Many businesses all think that intelligence is the product that defend bath basically a development trend of the future, along with the increase in the future Chinese intelligent product manufacturers, technology maturity, and rising consumption power, all intelligence will come down the cost of the product, the price will come down, there will be more intelligent bathroom products into the ordinary people
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