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Rose pose: toilet layout has exquisite details

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-23

Home is the most quiet, has a place of privacy is the most? The answer when let's bathroom! So, toilet right arrangement is very important, to share with you today Appollo toilet should not be seven put matters, to see if your home is in the gun, if the gun, hurriedly change, drive away bad mood! 

 Of course, have no letter, no letter, anybody! Toilet layout details a: toilet not in the middle of the room first, pay attention to is not in the room, toilet four trunk line and four corner line, especially in the middle of the room. Damage to the household not only, & other; Noxious gas & throughout; Flow inside the house, more conducive to your family's health. Toilet layout details of 2: toilet is not set in the kitchen if you want to design to pass the kitchen to get to the toilet, this design is in geomantic go up to speak is a big no-no! In feng shui is very unlucky, and it indicates the money will stay in the home. Toilet layout details of three: toilet not straight to the bedroom door toilet don't straight across the hall, if toilet straight across the hall, the negative energy of toilet will directly into the bedroom. If in view of the small space is limited and cannot avoid, then will be separated with a screen and the like it. Toilet layout details of four: toilet near the main entrance door is not the position of the ground, if the toilet is too close to the door, will let the Yin qi enter indoor, increase the noxious gas room, feng shui affect the bedroom. Toilet layout details of five: toilet is not set in under the stairs under the stairs should be separate store between content, deposit sundry place. If set to toilet will make home & other; Depression & throughout; , bad for the reputation of the family will have a negative impact. Toilet layout details of six: toilet don't open or full set to half a lot like luxury decoration friends like toilet is decorated in the home atmosphere, such as full open or half open, this is in geomantic go up to speak can damage the liver, and even marriage.

 Toilet layout details seven: toilet ground is not higher than this kind of situation, the sitting room toilet sewage and dirty air will flow to the sitting room, brought home a bad feng shui. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website

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