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Tell you the surprise surprise in the bathroom

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-23
Often steamy between sanitary ware, believe that many people have had that experience, wash a hot bath after want to hair in front of a mirror. But, you see, the mirror of the bathroom was full of water vapor, not at all the people according to clear. Perennial with water vapor, the mirror becomes misty, began to appear small black spots. Accumulate over a long period makes the mirror in the sub-health state, today small make up you will teach you that defend bath lens anti-fog coup, refused to love deeply, 'misty'.

anti-fog small coup refused to 'misty'

after the bath, vapour fumigated is often blurred the mirror in the bathroom, the water spray dry out, will also traces of scale, are difficult to clean. Effectively remove water spray is on the mirror coating a layer of soap. Bath before, can be of soap daub lens, reoccupy does cloth to wipe, soap liquid film of a black is formed namely on lens face layer, can effectively prevent water vapour condensation on the mirror, have very good anti-fog effect.

moistureproof small coup coating moistureproof gas

the mirror use time is long, it started to become misty, sometimes also found that the mirror, there are many small black spots around the small black dot not only destroyed the usage of the mirror, and shorten the mirror life. The mirror glass before use, generally after cutting. Water vapor, it is easy to from the glass cutter cut the side of the cross into the mirror, mirror, corrosion produce mildew spot, rust. So you might as well after the buy back mirror, in coated with a layer of paint on the side of the mirror, first layer of the tu yi on the back and at the same time, can effectively prevent the erosion of the fog a mirror. In addition, don't use wet hand to touch the mirror, also do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror, avoid to increase the moisture in.

small coup dry cloth to wipe clean the short-tempered

when you clean the mirror with a soft dry cloth or cotton cloth wipe brush, in order to prevent the mirror surface is abraded. Or dip in with soft cloth or cloth, wipe some of kerosene or candle. Dip in milk cloth to wipe the mirror, picture frame, can make its clear.

anti-fog mirror can prevent mist easily

there are anti-fog mirror to sell on the market at present, mainly anti-fog coating and electric heating anti-fog mirror. The former by microporous coating to prevent fog layer; The latter by electric heating to mirror the humidity increases, the fog rapid evaporation, thus forming the fog layer, the value of the mirror case.

choose bath should not only choose anti-fog mirror type bath mirror, also pay special attention to the waterproof bath lens. General waterproof bath mirror at the back of special waterproof materials, install the bath in the bathroom mirror can effectively avoid in the crevice on the reverse of the bath lens mold, cracks, even mirror the whole falls off phenomenon.
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