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Ten brand sanitary ware, sanitary ware development prospects

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
Sanitary ware with the market economy in recent years, a new development of higher standards of living, but a lot of people are less willing to believe that how long can the industry fire, or feel that there is a lot of confusion. So 2019 ten brand sanitary ware, sanitary ware development prospects? Tell you let Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer.

a, sanitary ware market stock size

sanitary wares according to the function is divided into toilet, shower, bathroom cabinets and accessories, mainly used in residential housing. China is one of the world ceramic sanitary ware products market, accounting for more than thirty percent of the global ceramic sanitary ware production. 2007 - In 2016, the Chinese sanitary ceramics production from 1. 3 to 2. 0. 8 billion, average annual compound growth rate of 8. 12%; 2010 - Sanitary ceramics in 2016 sales revenue increased from 340 to 67. 1 billion, average annual compound growth rate of 12%.

2, sanitary ware, new demand huge

the demand of sanitary ware mainly comes from the new house decoration and the upgrading of urban families sanitary ware, affordable housing and shanty towns transformation may cause part of the requirements. Combined with residential commercial housing sales growth, assuming every housing at least needs to configure toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower equipment and so on four major sanitary ware products, in 2017 and 2018, the demand for sanitary ware is expected to 78. 61 million, 80. 96 million of them respectively. At the end of 2015, China's urban households about two families. 4. 9 billion, according to the urban households owned sanitary ware 3 - 4 pieces, updated once every 10 years, our country urban families every year to sanitary ware upgrading demand of about 87. 15 million.

3, sanitary ware industry pattern analysis

the market competition intensifies, the concentration is expected to improve: in the future as foreign brand product line to the low-end market, market competition will be intensified, and raw material prices, labor costs increase, and many other factors, in the brand, channel, manufacturing and research and development at a disadvantage in terms of enterprise will face the risk on the integration, sanitary ware industry concentration is expected to be improved. Advantage the enterprise market position will support industry profit level of stability.

ten brand sanitary ware, sanitary ware prospects have great potential for development. Appollo sanitary ware product design, development, production, marketing and service into a professional wisdom sanitary ware brand, production category including bathroom cabinet, shower room, ceramic toilet, intelligent toilet, bathroom hardware such as whole series of products, is committed to building intelligent, comfortable, environmental protection, healthy, high quality sanitary ware. Now the hot investment, we sincerely invite to join in!
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