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The agent need how many money, choose the five skills of shower room?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-08
A lot of people understand to the agent that defend bath is not enough detail, don't know how to choose, agent the price also is not clear don't chu. So that defend bath agent need how many money? Select the five skills of shower room you know? Appollo today sanitary ware is to teach you these skills.

a, sanitary ware agent to identify material shower room

important advocate material for toughened glass shower room, but there are many on the market in the shower room of toughened glass product is unqualified, toughened glass used in many products, so how do we verify authenticity? Actually, toughened glass when watching carefully, will be going into decorative pattern, on the surface are the 3 c certification, must see the logo is burned up with lasers.

2, bath agent to observe appearance color

the color design of shower room and bathroom adornment style coordination should be a, shape is symmetrical fan commonly, if it is toilet the family with larger area, so you can also choose square shower room. Most of consumers like the appearance design and translucent shower room, the product itself, adornment sex is strong, also can give a person with beautiful enjoyment. But some consumers are belong to traditional or old people, they tend to be pay attention to privacy, so like fabric type shower room, looks like a cloth, more do not show grandiose, but not transparent.

the comparison, bath agent service

the city would include free door to door delivery and installation, warranty period is one year, so do not ask for maintenance when buy. There are some product quality, reputable manufacturers will exit insurance company accept insurance services. Appollo sanitary ware, the national group, five years warranty, high quality of the product after more at ease.

4, shut agent 3 without the product that defend bath

don't go to the choose and buy quality showed no security, not well-known manufacturer of shower room products. When the choose and buy, be sure to see whether there is a clear glass 3 c certification, brand reputation and after-sales service, etc. , are marked with detailed production producer name and address and the commodity certificate products.

5, bath agent chassis choose

shower room is generally divided into the two high basin and chassis, can sit with cylinder type, is suitable for the old man and the child's family, can also be a cylinder is multi-purpose at the same time, such as laundry, water use. Deficiency is very trouble in cleaning, more concise compared with low basin, the price also is lower than that in high basin. Chassis quality glass fiber, the force that press a gram, emerald three, among them, the emerald fastness is very good, dirt clean easily.
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