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The agent of imported increasing sanitary ware sanitary ware manufacturer combination or success

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-04

To today's sanitary ware industry, high-end brands is an international well-known sanitary ware brand, basic Chinese do better raffaele bendandi bathroom, wrigley bathroom at best is wei yu in the end. Domestic brands to reach international level there is still a long way to go, now what's the most difficult is the consumer's consumption concept, & other; Import product = high-end products & throughout; During the lunar New Year & other; The toilet hot & throughout; Event is the most typical representative, but the fact how or unknown. 

 Sanitary ware enterprises how to resist strong imports in the many difficulties and obstacles, youku and tudou combination, win-win results easily become the No of the video site. 1, but it can also follow the sanitary ware industry, shandong boycott foreign products occupy the domestic market. For enterprises that defend bath is not exceptional also, in most of domestic consumer point of view, the wei yu that foreign brands & other than domestic brands; On the tall & throughout; , plus imports sanitary ware for functional diversity, unique appearance design in our country wei yu is very popular in the market. Imported sanitary ware in market share is more and more big, but local sanitary ware enterprises can look at how early occupy themselves & other Territory & throughout; ? The old saying said of good, & other; 

 The enemy and know yourself can ever victorious. ” Domestic sanitary ware enterprises to win in business, you must first understand the features and advantages of imported sanitary ware. In recent years, with the gradual development of opening to the outside world policy, coupled with the more and more hot & other; Hot & abroad throughout; , people often only very vague think imports is good, but why so popular for imported sanitary ware is no clear answer. “ Ask canal that had so much to have a source. ” The success of any brand must have its fundamental reason, which imports the most distinguishing feature of wei yu is its branding success. A success of the brand is stable consumer groups, and thus build brand enterprises should first determine consumer groups, companies only set the target audience, can according to the characteristics of the audience rich characteristic of its own products. 

 Although, at present, many domestic sanitary ware enterprises are already beginning to shape the brand, but most of the brands are guangdong-based, with no clear consumer groups. So, the enterprise to produce a product that defend bath, besides the price on the product function, appearance does not play a role in consumer, characteristic is not obvious natural to consumer's perception of wei yu is fuzzy, so as to make the enterprise loss of a large number of potential consumers. And the target consumers are not clear, hindered the implementation of the enterprise differentiation route, lead to despise the products original design. 

 Therefore, on the one hand, the domestic enterprise want to shape the local brands sanitary ware, but more clear brand's target audience, through meticulous division of the market, help enterprise innovation characteristic, win the market. On the other hand, the enterprises that defend bath also need to integrate the advantage resources to further expand the market. Universal enterprise is few, because the current sanitary ware market most of the development of enterprise is vague, so might as well cooperation between enterprises that defend bath, the complement each other to deal with import enterprise strong attack. 

 A thumbs-up, Appollo sanitary ware industry, because the Appollo as guangzhou industrial co. , LTD. , to create brand strength, the wei yu that rapid growth in recent years, with the attitude of dark horse for a star that defend bath brand, has won the Chinese ten big brands, and many other honorary awards, wei yu set up shop and provide a variety of support, is sanitary and agent the ideal partner! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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