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The bathroom ark choose what color? Recommend marca dragon sanitary ware series

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-26

The bathroom ark choose what color? As the leading role of the bathroom, the style of bathroom ark determines the style of whole toilet, and play a key role in color. Appollo sanitary ware product marca dragon series, with classic French dessert marca dragons and tetris and colorful color image and help you awaken vitality, 'fun' found that embrace the goodness of life. Restoring ancient ways is blackish green 丨 Y677 rich vitality of dark green but do not break again, restoring ancient ways is a unique and tonal. Marca dragon blackish green bathroom ark, overall beautiful fashion, concise fashion, and not being burdened with excess to bathroom space build a comfortable and clean environment, also suitable for young gens of taste. 

 Marca mint green dragon 丨 Y678 marca dragon color, pure and fresh sense the strongest, must belong to mint green, it is like a cool mint grass, summer a wisp of breeze, cool and refreshing and comfortable. Marca dragon light green bathroom ark, super spacious mesa, double bowl design, super receive everybody style. Design is bold colors, select the rectangular main tank, circular basin, hd lens ark combination, build a gentle bath ark lines, bloom the bathroom is pure and fresh and soft beauty. 

 Dynamic sapphire 丨 Y6352 brave, noble and mysterious, low-key costly, full of charm and unique taste of the queen, is a modern symbol of sapphire. Combination of tradition and fashion color, also quickly become fascinates designer choice. On colour and design, realized the love for the contracted style, to maximize the return to the real life sensory effects. Drawer on the function, mesa, meet the needs of all kinds of storage, partition details of structure, the spatial moment of magic transformation, make toilet in perfect order, beautiful and practical. 

 Marca dragon girl powder 丨 Y679 pink can always give a person a kind of elegant beauty, or pure lovely, sweet or elegant, or a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood. People are so, so. Marca dragon girl powder bathroom ark, deserve to go up multi-functional intelligent bath lens, level of appearance and function concurrently. The bibcock of bathroom ark also adopted the romantic crescent sleek design, not only easy to operate, more let whole bathroom ark lifelike. The design of the real, is contracted to the extreme, is clever and space, is the environment to enjoy, let the home the essence of che wan wan. Marca dragon color is always color is like wafts summer days are bright, give a person with a kind of strength, full sense of youth, let whole space that defend bath is fine and soft. The bathroom ark choose what color? Appollo marca dragon sanitary ware series is there anything you like, online message, obtain more product information. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website

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