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The beauty of wei yu, the beauty of life

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-31
To understand a person's background, can see his bookshelf and want to know a person's taste, can see his bath.

someone willing to pay tens of thousands of for a package that oneself like, to entertain themselves, 'cure-all' has become a popular;

someone willing to pay thousands for a beloved brand watch, only to look down at table that moment every day hormone;

and some even rent a house, between the wei yu that are willing to build a clean and comfortable.

as our most intimate space, use frequency is highest between wei yu is our home, it can make you more glamorous into a new day. This place is the most direct and most reckless, details of our habits.

in our life, there will be more than three years spent between wei yu. It is conceivable that in the bathroom, we can feel how important it is for a finely time.

the bathroom quality often reflect the pursuit of simple sense, a person lives to household nowadays people demand for the bathroom has started from the most simple physiological needs the ascension into the physical and mental enjoyment.

for now, there's nothing better than to take a bath in this matter, let a person feel more relaxed and pleasant.

use heart good scented candles, on the essential oil of recently to be bestowed favor on newly body milk, go to bed sprinkle warm pillow is sweet, you can safely go to sleep.

everybody has their own taste, about the selection and collocation of sanitary ware, are all have their own paranoia and preferences.

between wei yu is decorated also is so, some people is yan sent, the pursuit of exquisite style; Some people is practical, and the joy of the game of function and cost performance.

ideal should be able to meet the demand of personal habits and between wei yu: for instance, sit implement smart, shower area with water to efficient and bathroom area lighting to bright and so on. Everything is as delicate state again.

rocks a design, can make whole bathroom scale instantaneous promotion, texture by inside and outside send out from a single product to the whole.

you have the product that defend bath, also can let drab becoming fashionable romance between wei yu, improve home comfort and sweet feeling.

today, Appollo bring you a wave of rocks a product that defend bath, together and see it!











Appollo wei yu, humanistic care, personality needs, and super high technology application, with design and production of rigorous style and leading concept. It USES the science and technology change life, also gives the possibility of life more, will do comfortable, private bathroom handle details to the extreme.

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