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The choice of the overall sanitary ware brand

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-07

Whole wei yu is in the toilet often use to a series of products of a comprehensive design. Are called whole sanitary ware is the daily such as toilet, wash basin and other devices used on the toilet for a comprehensive, and presented to the user. Because the whole sanitary ware convenient installation, and save materials, combined with the characteristics of the environmental protection and energy saving, very popular with people. When the choose and buy the whole wei yu, some friends do not know the specific products, how to choose? To introduce the following. The choose and buy whole sanitary ware need consumers to do your own choice, there are three main categories are face basin, bathtub and toilet. Now I talk about the choice of the toilet, in the choose and buy when might as well use hand to touch, feel the surface of the toilet is smooth level off, if autoart feeling particularly strong, even are very rough, explain quality is poor, it is best not to choose. Part of high-grade toilet surfaces have body, can through the corner of the eye look at the body loosening of desquamation, whether the body color is very dark, don't choose if any of these phenomena. Can also gently tap the toilet seat;  if it found its voice is hoarse, rather than clear and bright, illustrate the toilet inside may have a slight crack, it is best not to choose. When selecting a whole bathroom accessories, in addition to the toilet basin is also an important reference factor, first choose your face basin to observe the appearance, if uneven appearance, or the appearance of color is very dark, can't choose. High point of the surface of the basin that wash a face have glaze, in the choice can be touched with the hand, when the glaze is there enough finish, whether level off, if not smooth level off or not, don't choose and buy. Use eyes to see, the surface of the basin that wash a face, if there are spots or holes, or a tiny air bubbles, also not the choose and buy. The whole wei yu the last parts is the bathtub. Bath is the most concern of the consumers, and many times quality problem is always out in the bathtub. So the choose and buy bath crock to be cautious. Bath crock roughly two kinds, one kind is made of ceramic, another is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic imitation ceramic. Glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub, very sturdy, but anti-aging performance comparison of the poor. And ceramic although fragile, but particularly strong anti-aging ability. How to judge whether a glass and ceramic? The best thing to do is hit, and if the sound when knock is ringing loud and clear, it is ceramic, that you make is similar to knock knock plastic's voice, as is the fiberglass products. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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