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The choose and buy high quality shower room - need to pay attention to these three aspects

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Along with the progress of The Times, the people's living standard had the very big enhancement, hope more good household living conditions, thus makes the dry wet depart the bathroom is wei yu is decorated in important step, so consumers in the face of numerous brand shower room, how to choose? The three main areas, the hope can help to you. Shower room is the key to good or bad in the following three aspects: first, the 3 c logo 3 c mark of shower room is mandatory product certification system in our country. In accordance with the regulation on administration of construction safety glass: outdoor partition, bathroom enclosure and screen glass must have 3 c logo, real must be toughened glass on both sides of every piece of quality and safety of 3 c certification marks. The 3 c mark, is toughened glass in the process of production, first printed sign again with high temperature. Inspection can use a knife to blow on the mark, when can scrape is false, the attached 3 c authentication basic will not be toughened glass. Two of the skeleton, glass barrier and hardware components of choice! Hold the glass screen frame and metal parts, is one of the shower room key to identify points of choose and buy, even about security issues. The hardware on the market generally divided into two categories, stainless steel and copper, the notion of relative merits of many, but the owners need to remember is: if you choose stainless steel hardware, had better be 304 stainless steel, because of its strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, not easy to deformation, long service life. If you choose copper hardware, it is best to 59 # copper. Because of its bearing capacity is strong, strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, not easy to deformation. Article 3, shower room block water shower weather bar in bricklayer's approach when shop sticks ceramic tile, need to use, and many owners because they don't understand this situation, did not choose good shower room in advance, in a hurry to choose only one, and once bought a non-standard size of water retaining and leads to the late custom shower room to spend a lot of money. Shower room of choice, in general can be consideration according to the size of oneself toilet, but there is a standard size shower room itself was quoted as saying on Monday, you buy the weather bar must be conform to the standard size. Focus on just accomplished shower room, shower room no matter in practical or appearance, are far more than the counterpart standard, and access to domestic shower room ten big brands, product quality is beyond dispute. Each product before delivery, must go through repeated testing, to determine its have safe, strong, long service life, are just out of the market. Shower room in appearance they abandoned the fancy appearance, adopted the concise design style, looks simple but not simple, everywhere reveal people focus on quality shower room.
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