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The choose and buy high quality simple shower room only need to adhere to the rules of the six -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
As people to the requirement of increasing the quality of life, people also paid attention to the quality of life bathroom, so one of the leading toilet - — Shower room demand from now on. Simple shower room in the occupied area is small, fast and convenient, comfortable bath, etc to conquer the hearts of the people. Then shower room today about simple shower room for you talk about the point of how to choose and buy! What is a simple shower room simple shower room is different from the whole category of shower room, simple shower room without 'roof', design is rich, its basic structure is at the bottom of basin or candy, candy or natural stone artificial stone bottom bottom bottom basin texture such as ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, at the end of camp or bottom basin is installed on plastic or toughened glass shower room, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, high quality toughened glass, water ripple toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material, simple shower room structure is relatively simple, some brands can provide custom service, shower room like a shower room. How to choose simple shower room 1, the glass thickness and bearing relatively capacious shower space in choosing a glass also want to consider its thickness and bearing, don't choose too thick, glass area is too big, were not good, generally 8 mm can already. 2, see hardware hinge, shower room and bar select hardware hinge and beams is the key. Be on the safe side, choose 10 mm thickness of glass, then will be more safe. Actually fence with plus alloy bar at the top beam at the other end fixed on both sides of the wall respectively, so it is safe, stable. 3, look at the style like a corner to open the shower room is suitable for the bathroom space is relatively small, choose the shower room is very convenient, save a space again, but often should clean up the ramp, so move the door pull will be more smooth. 4, attention to detail when the choose and buy must pay attention to details, hinges, sealing strip, slide rail, handle all want to try, look at the details of the products, in addition to other key considerations, glass and glass, glass and metope joint sealing strip is also very important. Good quality shower seals should not have breakpoints in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, so that the water retaining performance is better. 5, see material pledge and certificate can observe aluminum alloy material surface whether there are sand holes, scratches, etc. ; Toughened glass is transparent, if there is a blister, node; Hardware accessories include shake handshandle, tie rod and the pulley and the base and so on, the surface of the plating for the high degree of finish, no blisters and anti-corrosion is preferred; On the process, can be the key seams aluminum and tempered glass, toughened glass door and waterproof glue to fit and seal, and guide pulley wheel and seat sealing material. The personage inside course of study says, qualified aluminum shower room, hardness to at least 12 degrees above, the thickness of at least 1. More than 2 mm, the rail crane glass aluminum in 1. More than 5 mm, usually can aluminum frame with hand pressure testing the hardness of aluminum, also can do pullups on the aluminum of shower room, test the strength of the aluminum and the overall robustness of shower room. Check can focus on whether the toughened glass glass above 3 c authentication marks, product quality inspection certificate and the patent certificate, etc. , which is short for China compulsory product certification CCC certification. 6, the pulley and pull rod if buy shower room with sliding door, usable hand test pulley drive whether smooth, pulley and aluminum track whether cooperate closely, is easy to fall off from external force hit, water vapor is easily into the wheels, etc. ; Second, the lever of shower room recommendations should choose stability strong coil rod, straight rod, inclined rod, etc.
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