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The choose and buy of bath mat

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-28

While we enjoy life, there is a problem, the bathroom will often have water inside, so will be very slippery, so we do it is necessary to choose bath mat, bath it will make us more convenient, don't worry will slipped in the shower. We first need to understand what kind of bath mat, can choose and buy. General bath mat has a rectangle, round, oval. There are different materials, such as plastic, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton, rubber. Our bath mat of choose and buy when it is important to note that we are choosing prevent slippery, don't just care about good-looking but didn't see its effectiveness. 

So we should pay attention to when buy bath mat the choose and buy of a certain skill. We remember the bathroom most water embellish is all of our room where drunken, we need to touch on when choose to the surface of the mat, be sure to choose the nap of high quality material, so that the sense that gives a person is special and comfortable, if only to prevent slippery, but special luo feet, so it is your own sin, so we must choose the choose and buy. And we have to look at the back of the bath mat, we should choose to compare fast, durable, hard, can use the material of a long time, such not only can prevent slippery effect, still can use for a long time, then it will save a part of the cost! 

 Plastic material such as PVC plastic box is compared commonly meet the requirements. And the bathroom is damp places, so we should often wash bath mat, so we also want to buy is easy to clean, this will save a lot of things to us, we need to understand the characteristics of the mat, it is better for us to choose! Like nylon material, good abrasion resistance, easy to clean, but also easy to deformation, also easy to produce static electricity, will be after the fire locally dissolve. Polyester, wear resistance than nylon slightly almost, heat and fast. But the quality of the polypropylene comparatively light, and very good elasticity and strength is also very high, not only that raw material is very rich, very wear-resisting, and the price is not high. 

 There is acrylic, it is very soft, but also to keep warm, also good elasticity and soft in texture, color soft, not easy to shed, not only that, the back and stop slippery design, but also have shortcomings, not strong water imbibition, bad abrasion resistance. The last one is made of pure cotton, good water imbibition, cleanness is very convenient. Know the we know bath mat how to choose and buy! Only see the choose and buy of the bath mat techniques can choose to suit your bath mat! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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