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The choose and buy when the shower room overlooked - these aspects

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-20
Appearance, size and practicability of these aspects in the shower room when consumer choose and buy is often the most attention. But you know there are some aspects is our shower room overlooked when the choose and buy? 1, the material quality: main material is glass, shower room glass security relations with our personal safety, bath happiness, this is how important! Said to the shower room glass, cost-effective for sure choice for high quality toughened glass, well-funded might as well choose laminated glass. Now a lot of famous brand shower room offers a labeled with toughened glass explosion-proof membrane, a nano easy clean huo processing, is both safe and convenient cleaning, good choice! In toughened glass, you must choose have the CCC certification and brand identity, but also to see pieces of toughened glass state model, according to the national standard of 50 * 50 mm toughened glass area safety broken quantity reach more than 40 grains! 2, hardware quality: generally speaking, there are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, one of the best is 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel fittings mainly good hardness, high bearing capacity, not easy oxidation, beautiful and high-grade, and easy to maintain, long service life. 3, humanized design, shower room is comfortable, convenient to use, many details can't be ignored. In order to make full use of space, choose shower room might as well choose collocation glass shelf, collocation is very practical. In addition, if there are children, older people's home, we have to pay attention to: shower threshold high and low, whether at the bottom of the antiskid, open the door direction whether conveniently, need a shower stool, etc.
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