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The cold winter, lying in the bathtub meimei bubble bath is serious business!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-28
Winter, the weather is getting cold, every day after work the day after tomorrow are mostly black, returned home take off the thick cover, lying in a warm bath, enjoy this a warm bath, remove the body of cold and fatigue. Bath can make people relax, relieve stress, a lot of good. But beware! Appollo under the bath also is not literally wash, bath sanitary ware manufacturer to introduce a few mistake, you've taken a few?

1, the shower water washs a face

believe that many people like to take a bath, shampoo washs a face, by the way, the habit right! But there are two things need to pay attention to:

the first: shower bath when the water temperature is appropriate, can be used to clean facial skin, the temperature is too high. Flow around 30 degrees on the clean face, use warm water, the water temperature is too high easy to stimulate the skin, long-term use overheat water washs a face, the skin becomes dry, itchy, fragile easily.

2: compared with the faucet, shower use frequency is low, it is easier to breed bacteria, for sensitive skin, use shower water washs a face, with a high risk of bacterial infections.

2, the water temperature is too high or too low

should be paid attention to choose the suitable water temperature when bathing, not greedy cool shower with cold water in summer, winter is not the higher the temperature, the better, scalded must be enormous. Appropriate human body shower water temperature, should be no more than 49 ℃, while the baby a bath water temperature should be lower, the water temperature maintained at 38 - 40 ℃.

3, with too much shower gel

girls bathing, like bubble around, the feeling of sweet atmosphere rich, love to use a lot of bath shower gel. Actually most of the body wash soap is alkaline agents, although can effectively remove grease and dirt, but also easy to make the skin more tight, dry seasons when also can cause itching and dermatitis. It is recommended to use neutral gentle bath products.

4, scrub too hard

a lot of people love to rub mud bathing, don't rub all over a red, rub off a lot of 'mud', total feel not clean! Especially have a strong body we rubbed out the 'mud', is the skin on the surface of the cuticle, main component is scurfy, sebum and sweat and dust, etc. , even if every day to rub, will constantly generate, is a kind of skin normal metabolism. Shower scrub can appropriately, if excessive rub mud, can damage the skin's protective layer, easy to cause skin sensitive, may also be invaded by moisture, leading to decreased body resistance.

5, taking a bath, time is too long

the shower is a way to have fun and relax, but also the need to control the time, or 'enjoy' to turn into a 'bad'. Every time a bath, shower time 10 - 15 minutes, the bath time shoulds not be more than 30 minutes. Bath time is too long, easy to chest condition, breathing difficulties, especially for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, more need to shorten the time a bath. In addition, you need to pay attention to keep warm, dry immediately after a bath, body and hair, avoid a cold or the flu.

with the continuous improvement of people's living quality, sanitary ware products is also from a single flat into a personalized, diversified, toilet is more and more in people's life, has been one of the very good sanitary ware products not only bring good experience will bring a good mood. Appollo the sanitary ware that gives you the green, environmental protection, health, bathroom experience.
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