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The common fault of shower room - — Toughened glass stain and scale how to clean? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Now people of fashion household decorates a style full of enthusiasm, subdivided into small bathroom also hope to be able to decorate the beautiful to the extreme. In the bathroom is decorated in, believe that the most common should be shower room products, its various benefits quickly captured the hearts of people, became the people to be bestowed favor on newly. But shower room use time is too long, there will be a common fault - — Toughened glass stain and scale, so how do we clean to clean such as new? First of all, we can look for to the pipe and the flower is aspersed, spraying the toughened glass for a casual first, make full toughened glass full of water, avoid in cleaning the glass when the tempered glass is too dry and too hard, and so as not to easy to abrade glass cloth clean, scars. Then use detergent to start with the top of the glass, make washing powder to adhere to the surface of the toughened glass, and then wait for about three minutes later, let the detergent enzyme in the reaction, then use dishcloth regularly to wipe from top and bottom. Tempered glass should appear at this time a lot of bubbles, this time we don't have to clean first, then deal with other side glass, and then clean together, so that more efficient and security at the same time in a clean state. Finally, we use a clean water, or use flower is aspersed from above the glass to the spraying, washing powder and bubbles all is rinsed clean, clear glass immediately at this moment. If it is not clean enough, then we can also use the clean lavatory spirit or special glass cleaner, split of tap water and dilute water after, to find a small broom and clean from top to bottom, and then rinse it again immediately. Finally need to dry glass, can use dry cloth to wipe, of course, if there is a newspaper at home, use newspaper to clean is the most beautiful, and there will be no hair removal to take off the wire problem, because the newspaper has good water imbibition, and paper fibers arranged very closely.
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