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The common sense of shower room - you have to know

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Article asked shower water retaining the need to do, do not feel 'shui manjin hill', did feel easy to trip over the child, compare with, how to choose. Weather bar is necessary to do, although the shower floor brick generally to floor drain location do grade, but in the shower, water big will to the shower curtain extravasation. If there is no weather bar whole toilet will be wet, slippers will be wet, especially in the winter, more troublesome. Children playing at ordinary times also is unlikely to run toilet, so don't worry too much about 'stumble' problem. Unless there is a toilet is very, very small, even no place can do weather bar, forget it then. Weather bar some style can be the build by laying bricks or stones,; Most toilet water retaining bars are turning to the ready-made stone or other material. Suggestions can at the time of paving brick, embedded in the water retaining stone floor tile between, water retaining effect will be better. Late, of course, also can use glass glue onto the floor tile. Shower room is generally not to installation. Do you know why do you design? 1, the cause of water vapor concentration is high, adverse to human body, bath is inherently more stuffy, especially older people can't stand it! 2, toilet vision affected. 3, shower panel, no matter choose what kind of door, door according to the proportion of making, solid and bright child, add fixed upper glass facade cause mixed and disorderly, profile and glass quantity increase, increase the total price. 4, glass shower panel are full toughened glass, not affected by ( Including the difference in temperature between inside and outside) The influence of the temperature of 5, whole sealing shower panel, need to install two fan inside toilet, canopy face more cluttered, destroy the tent to the overall appearance.
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