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The daily maintenance and maintenance of the dry goods collection: bathroom cabinet

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-28
Bathroom ark is the bathroom of the most frequently used items, how to maintenance and maintenance is related to the health and comfort of toilet, to clean bathroom ark have what need to be aware of? Here we arrange for you the bathroom ark of daily maintenance and maintenance. Bathroom cabinets clean bathroom cabinet surface to approach: if the bathroom ark accumulated a lot of dust, can use soft cloth to wipe, wipe, before any cleaner, soft cloth is needed in the don't directly wipe with dry soft cloth. Don't wash with water, to avoid water accumulation caused by corrosion rust, etc. Bathroom cabinet surface besmirch cleaning: surface stains, if any, need to avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvent to remove. Had better choose neutral detergent, wipe with dishcloth never tried fierce. For wooden cabinet put oneself in another's position, such as moisture volatilizes, after a little light on the original parts with wax, and then gently tried several times to form a protective film. Bathroom ark to use time is long, hard to avoid can appear all sorts of accidental damage, at the end of cleaning, can use some tips on how to repair. Because most of bathroom ark is a paint on wood, so the following mainly introduces the damage repair methods of wooden bathroom cabinet. Bathroom ark damage repair methods with particular trace repair: bathroom often water vapor, condenses in the bathroom ark, if not timely erasure of droplet may be left with particular mark on the counter. Eliminate water damage trace method is to use wet water mark on it in the bathroom ark, then press wet cloth with iron tools such as until can eliminate. Fixed: scraped paint scratches, not touch wood, paint tank can be used with the same color crayon or paint, daub on the wound of the ark, to cover exposed background, and then thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can. Burn mark repair: there are smokers in the home, sometimes may not be as bright and clean bathroom cabinet left unsightly burn mark on the counter. For this kind of situation, can be in a toothpick hard on the package on a layer of fine lines, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, qiaogen be eliminated. Bathroom ark of daily maintenance use environment: bathroom ark is not in the sun insolates, in order to avoid cause local color; To keep fresh and ventilation, dry wet depart, make it a habit to open the window to open the door. Items placed: smooth placed items, the heavier items should be placed at the bottom of bathroom ark bottom ark; Condole ark inside is not easy to place heavy objects, lest cause the deformation and stress of the top, bottom, at the same time ensure the safety of take put goods process. Close attention: bathroom cabinet doors and drawer open should be appropriate pressure, do not fierce fierce to close. Check: check whether the inlet pipe and outlet pipe connection density, avoid appear slack affect cabinet put oneself in another's life. Wax regularly, every 6 to 12 months, with a layer of wax paste wax for the bathroom ark, cabinet put oneself in another's position, hardware handles and support part. Cleaning intervals: preferably every half a month or so to a maintenance of bathroom ark, to maintain the color bright for a long time. Above for your bathroom ark daily maintenance and maintenance are introduced, and the pictures from Apollo sanitary ware, Apollo sanitary ranking industry forefront, the company was founded in 1996, online leave a message for more information. Want to learn more about Apollo contents that defend bath, open the Apollo sanitary ware's official website
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