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The development of sanitary ware industry prospects, how

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-11
Sanitary ware industry in recent years, the development of a slightly higher level of the quality and efficiency of industry brand enterprises is higher than the industry average, good corporate growth and returns are higher than the industry average. So sanitary ware industry prospects, how? Appollo sanitary ware factory is to have a simple said.

at present, our country's urbanization rate of more than 50, in the process of urbanization, consumer demand for the product that defend bath is bigger and bigger. The National Bureau of Statistics predicts that China's urbanization rate every 1% increase, will drive the market demand of 7 trillion yuan. Channels in a second-tier cities sanitary ware brand competition is intense, under the condition of channel resources to excess, every three or four line city consumer purchasing power, that attracted all sanitary ware brand, sanitary ware market sales channel sinking into a new trend.

it is predicted that intelligent manufacturing industry in China in 2020 is expected to more than 3 trillion yuan, the abnormal development of smart home rapidly in recent years. According to the intelligent household equipment industry in China market and investment strategy planning report, according to data from 2016, 605 smart home market in China. 700 million yuan, the year-on-year growth rate of 50. 15. Smart as part of the smart home, sanitary ware is currently in the development of rapid growth. In recent years, intelligent, smart shower room, toilet smart showers, smart intelligent bathroom products such as bathroom mirror, is becoming more and more consumer pursuit of object. Intelligent sanitary ware has become an important direction of the sanitary ware industry development, especially the national focus on intelligent toilet industry, but also be made in China, the Chinese wisdom of a window.

according to CNNIC new the China Internet network development state statistic report, Chinese netizens size seven. 5. 1 billion, Internet penetration is 54. 3, upgrade 1 at the end of 2016. 1%. Mobile Internet users size seven. To access the Internet by mobile phone in 2. 4 billion, the crowd of 96. 3. Online shopping market consumption upgrade features, further user preferences to gradually shift to quality, intelligence, a new category consumption. Fusion to the data, technology, at the same time, the online scene in areas such as further extension, each platform accumulated huge user data resources further attention.

as consumption gradually become after 80, 90, after the main body, the pursuit of 'light' decorate tendency of demand prompt custom sanitary ware in the sanitary ware market diffusion. By 2016, custom sanitary ware sanitary ware market proportion of the total amount of sales in China for 15 20 or so, and at the same time, as the two-child policy open, small family, secondary decoration and so on demand, customized sanitary ware market there is a big rise in space. But at present, in terms of custom that defend bath, mostly business start-up, all kinds of system is not mature enough.
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