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The development trend of integral wei yu

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-16
Actually for whole wei yu, that is to say a whole wei yu, everything is perfect, pattern itself. Then the development trend of integral wei yu? Appollo sanitary ware found in Europe, America, Australia and other expensive labor in developed countries, simple installation, saving of integral wei yu that artificial occupying a large share of the market.

as early as 1990 the whole wei yu introduced to China, the domestic hotel, ships and fast loading room has extensive use of the whole sanitary ware. As decoration housing is more and more popular, as well as the industrialization of national policies, low carbon environmental protection house wish have issued, I believe whole wei yu will enter every family in China.

the overall sanitary ware mainly lies in its overall moulded chassis as a whole, has the function of waterproof and leakage. The characteristics of its high cost, can be a lot of copy to make it more for aircraft and hotel decoration, this advanced technology replaced the traditional plasterer ceramics do the way of the bathroom. This way of industrialization is the future development direction of the bathroom, there seems to be more than a decade ago the integral ambry. Industrialization to replace manual paste system is the result of social progress.

with the development of the design and improvement of the whole wei yu has a new interpretation: in limited space to achieve wash gargle, bath, toilet, toilet and other functions of independent health unit. It USES integrated waterproof chassis, wall panels, roof constitute the overall framework, and sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, shower screen, bathtub, faucets, showers, accessories such as ceramic tile are integrated into a whole environment.

the whole wei yu chassis, siding, ceiling, bath crock, washstand, such as most used composite materials, composite materials are aircraft and spacecraft dedicated materials; The whole wei yu the sanitary facilities in structure and easy to clean. In general advantageous to save time, reasonable structure, excellent material, etc.

because each space is not the same. The concept of integral wei yu is it combine your space, seal, it has a lot of sense of beauty. Whole wei yu as home leisure illicit close space that defend bath, taboo because a single product that defend bath together and cause each other and the overall environment. Custom is no longer the europeans that defend bath exclusive privilege service, many people in the middle also hope that through custom household unique to satisfy their own desires. So the overall sanitary ware is a new fashion of modern consumption, can be achieved from enjoy the pleasure of a double life demand, provide consumers with bathing, leisure, health, fashion, sweet, sweet in the integration of modern new bathroom experience.
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