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The future open bath shop

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-25
For many investors, find a development prospect, huge market potential investment projects is better, so investors can see the sanitary ware market now. So how prospects start sanitary ware shop? Appollo sanitary ware to below according to the collected data analysis analysis for you.

according to some research institute ', 2016 - Sanitary appliances industry in China market in 2021 of foresight and investment strategy analysis, according to a report in recent years, the real estate industry are flawed, good penetration of household life concept, sanitary ware industry ushered in the real spring, but in the beginning of development, industry is chaotic, all kinds of unstable factors always restricts the development of sanitary ware industry, sanitary ware industry gradually into the stable development, now demand increases, especially the further expansion of market demand, domestic and foreign enterprises that defend bath eyes together brush into the Chinese market, the market tussle for explosive.

in recent years, domestic sanitary ware exhibition continued to celebrate the national sanitary ware enterprises to the olive branch, each big, according to relevant data show that defend bath overseas exhibitors growth significantly, in addition to the exhibitors from Italy, France, Japan and other world furniture industry exhibitors of the developed countries, there are also from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries in the pavilion. Numerous foreign brands in China sanitary ware market, so to speak.

as the marching of foreign brand in China's sanitary ware industry channel structure is also quietly changing. First-tier cities of north to guangzhou, many household stores are opened into the mouth in, at the same time there are many more imports sanitary ware brand on the independent flagship store. In addition to the first-tier cities emergence into the mouth sanitary ware weight increase, at present, the furniture market in second-tier cities are also changed. According to the personage inside course of study, some stores established with imports sanitary ware as the core competitiveness and operating characteristics, to meet villas, luxury imports sanitary consumption demand.
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