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The ground of shower room designed so that don't have to worry about phenomenon - 'bubble'

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Many families have begun to live a well-off life, more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, such as was installed in the bathroom shower room, shower room there are good and bad, use for a long time the family found the phenomenon of water shower room, often take a bath will appear the phenomenon of 'bubble foot', then shower water phenomenon, how to solve? A lot of shower room is a floor drain in the installation of drainage is more, but the floor drain use for a long time will be blocked. General shower on the surface of the housing design is flat, there are other creative design, floor drain to make slot is tie-in, the drainage system will be more better. Conventional bath process is very simple, is the place in the middle of the shower room main shower, mat, then quadrilateral low down a bit, the middle piece with a block of stone pulled out a small groove, so convenient drainage, also can rise to prevent slippery effect. General pull groove is made of blocks of marble, of course, there are the spread of archaize brick, the effect is very good, mainly need to be aware of is the gap of ceramic tile. Pull slot form, there are many kinds of, common grid surface and straight grain surface, on the surface of the grid and types are divided into v in cleft groove, v pull slot is a better drainage effect. Each style of shower room is different, such as diamond shower room, for one, can do it on one side of the glass is only half a circle of the drain tank, is like this water to go in one direction, drainage faster, the shower also don't have to worry about the condition of the water will come. Also can do it around the edges of shower room is slot, effect is good. Like the square shower room, as long as the middle than around work, do a tank can be half a circle a circle, beside mount two floor drain, drainage effect better, oh.
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