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The overall sanitary ware market

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-16
The concept of integral wei yu, one theory is that originated in the United States, mature in Japan, is another way of saying that comes from Japan, no matter the concept come from, the foreign developed countries such as Japan and the United States, the prevalence rate of whole sanitary ware, now stands at 90. So how about the overall sanitary ware market, Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer to tell you.

in the first place, ready to defend bath is the integration of the chassis or bath crock and waterproof chassis combination, constitute the overall framework of wall panel, roof, and all kinds of sanitary ware form independent health unit, is the way of industrialization prefabricated, can install link greatly improve efficiency, and saves the cost of construction.

second, sensitive subject for household building materials industry, the current is still - — Environmental protection, environmental protection from the beginning of the policy of 'forcing', and the test of capacity for the enterprise, at the same time let household building materials enterprises realized the importance of environmental protection in enterprise development future decisions, and the whole sanitary ware the installation process can reduce waste, have played an important role in energy conservation and environmental protection, further development of whole wei yu will be the important option for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises that defend bath. In addition, as the country's emphasis on housing industrialization, prefabricated buildings are listed in the national key development planning. At the same time, as an important part of building decorating, whole wei yu is being more and more attention.

at present, decorate residential housing in our country is relatively low in proportion, a set of data, according to our country decorating accounted for less than 10%, while developed countries such as Japan, France, the United States, Germany, Sweden, etc. , decoration housing accounted for more than 80% have been achieved, thus we can see the future of a period of time, also has the very big development space and decoration market in China at the same time, also provides an opportunity for the development of the ready to defend bath.

from the consumer side, although largely consumers also tend to buy slots installation way, there is no denying that, along with our country residents' consumption gradually rise to quality and enjoy life level, puts forward higher requirements on bathroom decorate, the layout of the whole wei yu is more compact and beautiful, it will be accepted by consumers to find and slowly.
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