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The plumbing sanitary hardware three trends interpretation of our country

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-18
Intelligent sanitary ware technology having a unique style

smart rendering wei yu, the traditional leather for a toilet, dare not say, hard, but the new civilization of the 'toilet' high-tech s arrival is a true reality.

filed intelligent bathroom products, stay out of the induction faucet, induction faucet of sell like hot cakes to complete intelligent battle between wei yu is very beautiful shot, followed by the bath crock that intelligent temperature control, intelligent flush the toilet. Someone doubt, intelligent sanitary ware not in business to blow 'toilet revolution' hurricane, will always suffer from 'ice'. In fact, the concept is the innovation of the evil. Mom and dad a generation is saved, the intelligent product that defend bath is cold, and now the '8090' is becoming the main force in the mall, they are having a unique style, style, together with their growth, intelligent sanitary ware will be the new favorite of sanitary work.

high-end product that defend bath to spin taste

'bones jing' is the pronoun of white-collar workers, backbone, elite, specifically to those highly educated, high income, high level of '3 tall woman'. As the workplace up half the sky, they have certain economic strength, expect to use with world-class products, and to show their own taste. But this economic strength is not enough to consume high end product, so often seek 'marginalized', for example, buy famous brands inside with low prices products, specials, and so on. Win competitive prices

sanitary ware king

is different from the above two, t milk ( Housewife, in English, When facing hardware product that defend bath priority are the elements of the brand, the second is the price, the later is the quality. Milk is a representative of the low-end consumer, their own economic condition is limited, plus the don't know much about the hardware that defend bath, so pay more attention to the price. Other, sanitary ware sales promotion about the milk, but also a powerful catalyst, deepened the consumption desire. So many businesses are caught division milk this state of mind, in 3. Eight women's day, mother's day, Christmas day, National Day and other large festival, bomb launch promotional activities and tried.

summary: all is possible. Son in addition to the above factors into the market segmentation of the mall, followed the sanitary ware market of increasingly sophisticated, the future after work elements, characteristics, factors of population, and is the market segmentation of national elements into more and more thin would be not possible, such ability catch the sanitary ware that different consumer group.
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