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The squat toilet is blocked? ?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-27
Although now has entered the era of toilet closestool, but there are also many people still prefer traditional squat toilet. Squat toilet, squat toilet, it has a simple structure, use of health, easy production, easy to install, save water and energy saving, etc. So one thousand a squat toilet is blocked?

Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer teach you six recruit easily solved!

1, if slightly blocked, general is toilet paper or sanitary towel, towel towels toilet congestion, caused by the direct manual dredging device or simple opening tool can dredge.

2, if it is a hard blockage, accidentally fell into the soap, combs and other hard objects. The congestion slight can be used directly pipeline dredging machine or simple dredge dredge directly, or the dirt with skin chuai son chuai, while water chuai, or put sundry chuai, or use a tool like the long iron wire put it up, until flush when heard the voice, the toilet is open.

3, add a certain amount of washing powder, later into a thermos of hot water, wash oil, pipeline is unblocked, or use the clean toilet powder ( Supermarkets) Poured into the toilet water, such as overnight, the next day water smoke a few times, until smooth.

4, water first, quickly use toilet (absorption In some places called skin chuai son, tiger or are available at the supermarket or market) , into the water, close to the drains, quick pumped, quick pull out, repeated several times, until smooth.

5, has a complete set of car wash water, can spray, insert the pipe in the toilet, the toilet in the soft edge away, then washing water in the pipe dredge, or cloth around the hoses are blocked, water from washing water pipe and water washing soft things down.

6, direct method, it is possible that the efficient way, with about half an inch wide, thin, slightly hard wood directly down the toilet tong, soft thing stabbed down, put the plumbing.

7, we cannot solve the problem of the toilet jams, or you don't like to start work, then please open professionals to help solve.
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