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The stores that defend bath solid wood bathroom ark how to sell?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-04

Why do you store the bathroom ark sales always couldn't get on? There are two important reasons: 1, the single value is too low. 2, the matching rate is too low. So how to improve the guest single value and matching rate? The key lies in the bathroom ark of sales. Because the most obvious of bathroom ark is the bathroom products, if the bathroom ark can sell basically to supporting sales of other products is relatively easier, but if the bathroom ark bad words to push other products out difficulty is very big. 

 So how do you sell bathroom ark? First: introduce different style is suitable for different types of customers. Want to sell the bathroom cabinet good first thing is to grasp the customer style type. Introduce a few common type 1, contemporary and contracted style. Keywords: simple, fashion, generous, personality. Suitable for young people under the age of 30. 2, Chinese style classical. Key words: classical, connotation. Suitable for people over the age of 40. 3, european-style luxury. Keywords: noble, atmosphere, connotation. Suitable for 35 to 50 years old. People with taste, rich, understands the life. Second: the article introduces the collocation of color and line is different color can produce different visual effects. Bright bright colors: black, white, red, yellow, these give a person the feeling is very pure and fresh, energetic. Warm, close to tonal: scarlet, dark red, log color. Personal feeling is very kind, very connotation. Light warm color: cream-colored, ivory white, aureate give people feel noble, have temperament. 

 Different line is the sense that gives a person is not the same. Hale line feeling giving a person is very simple, fast, and clear. Commonly used in modern fashion style. Soft, symmetric arc give a person feel very warm, connotation. General European bathroom ark many in this line. Third, practical functions including basin size, height, shape, receive a space distribution, the shape of the handle design. Different models of bathroom ark receive a space and the space that wash gargle is different, so to understand customer demand for bathroom ark with aspects. 

 Fourth, the material and workmanship of bathroom ark material mainly for: oak, multi-layer solid wood, PVC, stainless steel. Oak wood feels strong, give a person the feeling is very exquisite, feeling giving a person. PVC is waterproof performance is very good, the biggest advantage of the other PVC can make different shape, suitable for modelling. Often can be used for the modern style of bathroom ark. Stainless steel abrasion scrape resistance, not easy deformation. 

 Fifth, activity finished price if the above four steps are introduced, so congratulations you, you can enter the link to talk about the price negotiation. Any sales of bathroom cabinet must be according to the five processes to get to know. Customers like it must have first appearance like a cabinet, then color like, like function, material approval. In front of the four steps are used to tell the customer, the bathroom ark is good, suitable to customers. The fifth step is to let customers take this good products home. Many shoppers still selling properties, still buy prices, and also in the selling function.

 These things are important? Of course is very important. But these things are not the final customer decided to buy one or more reasons for bathroom cabinet. Want to I live customer psychology, the bathroom ark they sell must need a progressive sales process. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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