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The toilet a flush to the bottom is leaking?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-20

The toilet is leaking? Actually closestool leaking happens mostly because of bad installed just when leakage occurs, but if in use after a period of time a toilet is leaking, it is likely to be the base is leaking. This is a very troublesome thing, not only make the bathroom is very wet, also make the person's mood is terrible, so when the toilet base is leaking? 

 1. The water is leaking toilet first base, if is new toilet appear such problem, so may be fitting didn't even at the bottom of the well, or is sealing ring not ok, lead to the base of the toilet is leaking.The simplest way is to reinstall the toilet at this time, this time to pay attention to when installation should pay attention to the questions, be sure to install the tight, so as to ensure the toilet base is not leaking. , of course, if you installed in the home is not good, you can call on after-sales, because it is new, has been no warranty, so it should call after-sales, this method is very convenient. 

 2. Secondly leaky toilet can also be the reason of itself of, have a plenty of toilet itself appeared crack, this time will appear slack. This time you will find a professional people repairing closestool, to repair it. If it is not only a new toilet, so as to ensure no leakage, it is very good. This method is the most important is, of course, in view of the repair is really bad to change new. 

 3. Choose the time of the toilet must choose in conformity with the size in the home, so as to ensure no leakage. Because a lot of time is to choose the size is different, so just lead to leaking. When you in choosing the toilet must pay attention to this problem. You must be aware of when using the toilet. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website

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