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The toilet 'constipation'? What time teach you unblock effortlessly!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-12
Toilet is blocked? This is the life that occupy the home, sometimes run into problems, of course, is also home to encounter things which may be embarrassing. Toilet is one of the largest local water at home, if meet the toilet jams, dirty, not only will the whole house lanes also from time to time, send out a peculiar smell. What about how to solve this problem, here small make up to tell you.

a, sit implement, The toilet) Blocking reason

toilet jam is usually divided into two kinds of reasons:

1, soft material jam, such as: waste, paper towels, cloth, etc. ;

2, hard block, such as: toothbrush, plastic bottle caps, small comb, small toys, etc.

of course, there may be other causes of congestion, such as the pipe itself, today we two common reasons.

2, manual dredge the toilet 3 big method

method one:

with mop the floor mop, first put the mop in the toilet, then drain, ensure water floods the mop. And then forcibly pressure mop, put it into the toilet as far as possible in his mouth, and then use the fastest speed up the mop, such action repeatedly, the toilet will be breath out, pipe can be open. Method 2:

looking for a long plastic pipe, a water head, a head into the toilet, and then put the toilet mouth plugged with a rag, and then open the tap water, it will use of hydraulic dredge pipeline.

method 3:

looking for a manual toilet dredge ( Things like spring) , oneself to unclog the switch, a clear value for a few dollars.

3, according to different jam to solve

a: mild toilet jams

general is toilet paper or sanitary towel, towel cloth, etc. The toilet jams, the direct use of plumbing or simple opening tool can dredge.

case 2: toilet hard plug

when life accidentally fell into the plastic brush, bottle caps, soap, combs and other hard objects, the congestion slight can be used directly pipeline dredging machine or simple dredge dredge directly, you must open the toilet dredge, serious this situation can completely solve only get things out.

3: toilet aging jams

the toilet after a long time, inevitably, the walls scaling, serious when can block the toilet toilet drains slower, due to air flow of the solution is: find a vent scraping dirt can let toilet water flow.

4, blockage of the most common reason for

1, confetti, etc to physical plugging

toilet closestool is blocked if caused by easy decomposition material such as wastepaper to jam, completely need not worry. Can pour the hot water, it is best to water poured into the toilet, soften a sewer clogs, as its much bubble for a while, after softening, can see the sewage discharged slowly, with a big barrel of water flush the toilet is

OK. Or with wire agitation, or special tools to dredge the toilet, through the principle of the pressure, can solve the congestion problem.

2, toothpicks, not easy to break up things such as the bone block

a lot of times the toilet closestool is blocked because they are not easily washed away congestion caused by the object, then the pressure dredging method is adopted, a bit to find a long plastic pipe and end to a water pipe, a head into the toilet, and then put the toilet mouth plugged up with don't of cloth, it is best to plug a whole piece of cloth to avoid spread out then plugging more serious, the second step is to open the tap water, it will use of hydraulic dredge pipeline.

3, hair caused sewer blocked

drain after a period of time after use, usually a bath of hair will be hung on the wall to accumulate more will cause congestion, hair will generally cause the bathroom floor drain plug, lavatory block, and blockage of the bathtub, shower room block. So when use at ordinary times must cover the floor drain and other protective facilities, such as have hair can conveniently pick it up in the trash can.

hair more sewer blocked? Then you can use the hand dredge apparatus can dredge the sewer, if serious, we have to use pipe dredging machine.

5, processing the toilet jams note

if you want to know more about the toilet congestion thoroughly, we can when buying closestool, its instruction and chart, slowly research! Toilet pipe drainage is a very simple, just on the toilet when considering the closestool is blocked, so the design of the bend, occasional toilet closestool is blocked. Is winter it is best not to need to pay special attention to put the water into the toilet with oily be soiled, easy solidified, not easy to dredge.
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