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The toilet of wholesale? Install the toilet bowl? ( Enclose detailed graphic illustration)

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
When decorating toilet closestool is installed in place is associated with subsequent use and toilet drainage problems, because toilet closestool congestion is a common fault in installation closestool. Therefore, how to correctly install toilet closestool is very important. So let's take a look at Appollo sanitary toilet wholesale? Toilet is how to install it left left left

toilet closestool installation method graphic

1. First determine the size of the toilet bowl water, that is, the distance from the port to the wall. Before installation, please determine product accessories and specification is complete.

2. Determine the height of the drain and cut off the excess part, the pipes at the bottom of the toilet and more consistent. First of all, according to 0. The levels of 5 cm height using sewage hacksaw or cornea. Flange ring soft toilet, if not higher than 0. 5 cm, water seepage problems may arise, ready to 0. 5 cm more of joint sealed.

3. Measure the hole distance, before choosing toilet, must first determine the toilet seat and the size of the water, namely the distance from the wall to wall, when using the toilet, if you want to decorate ceramic tile, ceramic tile after measuring indentation distance must be in, otherwise there will be the size of the toilet is not appropriate, lead to cannot be installed.

4. Will be installed at the outlet flange circle and firmly press the flange ring, let toilet drain installation joint is sealed. Put the flange on the drainage pipe, pipe alignment and the smooth place. The pipe wall will insert flange of adhesive seal.

5. Closestool cover plate installation

the toilet cover installation

6. Glue, glue the part, not only can install the toilet, can effectively prevent the smell, the toilet's intersections with the ground, stirring transparent sealant, seal the toilet outside, maintain the integrity of the ground, effectively block the toilet local water.

7. After the installation is complete, toilet glass glue or cement mortar solidified until after the open water use and cure time usually for 24 hours.

the above is the important step in the toilet, carefully grope about would have been easy to install a toilet, is very simple!
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