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The toilet price how many? The toilet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-24
Decorate toilet closestool is indispensable, and toilet of brands on the market more and more, different brand, design, performance is different, their prices are ranging from several hundred to several thousand. How to choose and buy closestool also became many consumers want to know before the choose and buy. So the choose and buy closestool price right? Appollo sanitary toilet?

the following Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer, with everyone a deep analysis of the toilet king inner knowledge left left left

the price of the toilet:

the toilet on market by provide 3 class, in the 300 - low prices The price of 500 yuan, the middle-grade - in 600 1000 yuan, high-grade and even tens of thousands of yuan in 1000 yuan.

Appollo sanitary toilet?

Appollo all category wisdom sanitary ware brand sanitary ware manufacturer, focus on the high-end sanitary ware products, not only the design style is numerous, diverse performance but also with the advantage of saving water environmental protection and so on six big good quality!

1, the high quality ceramic

1280 degrees high temperature calcined crystal is exquisite, three layers glazing exquisite and smooth, shiny bright easy to clean, nano silver ions technology, health care family.

2, a key rinse

super spiral double orifice hedge type is flush: optimized design out of the hole arrangement and opening Angle, the lining can be multifaceted is rinsed clean. Strong jet siphon flush design: water hedge the subtly of optimizing the allocation of reasonable, use natural gravity injection water and rinse clean. Super spiral type washing: the spiral type flushing model than the original general flushing, wash wash more rapidly and more! Continuous spiral back strong momentum, cleanse the dirt at the same time, the lining as well. Large sewage caliber: effectively improve the effect of sewage flushing, uniform glazing and the pipeline, strengthen the flushing effect.

3, damping mute

thickening damping parts, rubber cushions, thickening pp plate, urea-formaldehyde cover plate, seamless, arc and circle design, let the cover opening and closing as soft as a feather falls.

4, energy conservation, environmental protection,

as the March 1, 2018 the implementation of the 'water effect identity management method', the wei yu that Appollo responded positively to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, successively many implement model has passed the certification of national water effect logo. Since its inception has always advocated the sanitary ware that Appollo, energy saving and emission reduction to water saving, low carbon environmental protection for the concept of science and technology, to create intelligent, environmental protection, healthy product that defend bath.

5, water quality a

is the soul of the toilet accessories, water quality of water also locate a implement of the class, Appollo choose wei dia water bath water, corrosion resistance to stress, three-dimensional blunt water effect, durable.

6, strict inspection

Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer production of each implement strictly comply with the finished product testing procedures, in addition to the glaze inspection every pieces of ceramic products by blisters leaching test, eliminate the internal cracks of the porcelain body hidden danger; Each implement a water seal test and vacuum test, using no hidden dangers.

Appollo sanitary ware, set product design, development, production, marketing, service as one of the professional sanitary ware brand wisdom, production category including bathroom cabinet, shower room, ceramic toilet, intelligent toilet, bathroom hardware such as whole series of products, is committed to building intelligent, comfortable, environmental protection, healthy, high quality sanitary ware. Now the hot investment, we sincerely invite to join in!
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