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The toilet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-20

The toilet is indispensable to every household equipment, become the symbol of family life quality. Because of its importance, so the toilet has been upgraded, brings a new experience to the user. To city people the pursuit of quality life for inspiration, to meet the people in the pursuit of comfortable, healthy and taste, Appollo bathroom a new generation of toilet arises at the historic moment. All-inclusive appearance design, popular contracted style. Whether positive or side, gently beautiful curve shape outline of elegant temperament, tie-in white clean image, easy to control the high-end fashion, deduces its own unique charm. Compared to the noise of the involved in the world, who is not willing to adopt chrysanthemum peace under the fence, quiet is more close to the soul. After a comprehensive upgrade of the buffer mute cover plate, protect the ceramic from hit so hard, I wish you every quiet night. A key fast disassembly type design, solve the old toilet cover removal difficult faults. One by one, remove the cover plate, a second toilet and can cover all washed clean, let bacteria dirt nowhere to hide, no dead Angle of 360 degrees, defend the home health. Pay attention to practical at the same time, the detail more quality of witness. Fixed closestool cover plate of hardware accessories, fine plating processing through many layers, improve corrosion resistance, acid-proof alkaline, ensure durability in a damp environment. After 1280 degrees high temperature firing of ceramic body, fine surface bright smooth, easy to clean, no pollution, no yellow, pure white and flawless. And nano self-cleaning glaze, can effectively restrain bacterial growth, so as to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. From the type, straight to siphon type, to a new generation of super Appollo spiral siphon flush, rinse way upgrade play a key role in the toilet. Double hole injection super spiral type water, wash more robust, fast, not only greatly reduces the toilet flushing sound, also realized the purpose of more water. Adopt unique full pipe glazing technology, pipe inner surface smooth level off, enhance the capacity of sewage, don't hang dirty. Once and for all, solve the problem of old toilet block. Flush buttons with 3 l / 6 l dual water-saving, can reasonable control flow, meet the demand of different water. Using visual shape the size of the logo, no matter children, older people, be clear at a glance, experience is more beautiful, more human. The toilet cistern fittings is the core part of the toilet, can be described as 'framatome hearts'. Using ranked one of the world famous water brand, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, resistance to pressure, after using the test 500000 times, the use of 50 times a day, nearly 30 years. In addition to flush, glaze, the respect such as cover upgrade, a new generation of Appollo, the toilet according to the Angle of the human body mechanics design, to enhance the use of comfort, let toilet become more relaxed, yue oneself, from here, let every user on quality. Appollo toilet? Sanitary ware production and sales in China first in the world, the design of toilet and quality also achieve comparable to international brands, new China is becoming a new choice for consumers. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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