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The ultimate liao sister artifacts between you and the goddess has sent a bath

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-04

Just through the Christmas, New Year's day came again, single dog is crying again dizzy in the toilet! Whether the size of festivals, circle of friends and taking all kinds of show love and single dog too late to flee, small fragile mind instantly be mercilessly fell into two and a half. Ask yourself, although there is no well proportioned appearance, but your confidence and cheerful; Rich as learning to fill five cars, but you have love have a responsibility to ah. How can't chase you like goddess? Nonsense not much said, dry goods directly! Want to scrape the goddess of the heart, the first thing you want to know what the goddess of need, and from time to time to surprise her. For example, to the goddess of a high level of high-grade bathroom appearance. Liao sister artifacts one: beauty fashion bathroom cabinet, bathroom is women's secret garden, its appearance level how to directly reflect master grade. Goddess of love in the dressing a self-time, then a high level of appearance fashion bathroom ark is particularly important. “ Swimming in high quality life & throughout; — — Appollo sanitary ware is a typical representative of the fashion industry, adhering to the European fashion design concept, its high level of appearance is not only reflected in the overall appearance and exquisite craft, but also in every details of the design, the product style is popular with female friends crazy. Bathroom ark of layered frame design, the women all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, bath products, in order to receive. Our goal is: let every lazy woman can be the ideal goddess; Make every female friends become more beautiful the dalai. The appearance of fashion, humanized design, bring the goddess of happiness moment peaks. It is said that every couple of bathroom ark with Appollo, from now on all lived a conjugal love sweet happiness life. Liao sister artifact 2: try to shower big flower is aspersed Appollo shower shower spray large area roof design, rain water covered the whole body, shower pleasure bring more incisively and vividly. Built-in water pressurization and air insufflation, keep each osculum even water, water rich in oxygen, give skin an aerobic SPA. A key control, the implementation in the top spray shower, free switch between portable showers, under water, follow one's inclinations. Shower shower nozzle is made of high quality silica gel, soft can decontamination, there will be no flower is aspersed by scale block of embarrassment. All copper body, five layers electroplating, opening and closing test 500000 times, maintain the normal switch is not leaking, ceramic valve core is revealed to you the high quality of life. Liao sister artifact 3: massage bath tub every woman want to have a bath in the home, can enjoy warm water lying in it, the add all sorts of petals, with red wine, soft music, think of is very romantic. Appollo bath appearance elegant fashion, massage nozzle designed according to the principle of engineering mechanics, in view of the human body back, shoulder, waist and foot SPA massage, let the body gets be relaxationed thoroughly. Have such a bath, don't think capture the heart of the goddess is difficult. Ultimate miracle: buy, buy, buy to liao younger sister, have to mention the sound's inside why sheng and 'shanshan to the inside of the closure. Bullying, President of liao sister, god is three words, buy buy buy. Of course, not everyone can so rich humanity, dominating the President's liao sister skill to learn not to god. But we secretly tell you, Appollo stores nationwide promotion started New Year's day, multiple gifts, miss wait a year. This time, there is no package can also be a surprise for the goddess of fish ponds. The artifact in hand, single no more. The Chinese New Year is coming soon, take a goddess of the home, can get rid of the status of a single dog not only, also can block the lips of the town, witty: do you know how to do it. Want to learn more about Apollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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