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Thermostatic shower which brand is good? Simple three steps, the choose and buy quality thermostatic showers

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-26

Many people will choose a thermostatic shower to spend the cold winter, but the thermostatic shower which brand is good? A lot of consumer is when the choose and buy is vacant, actually, thermostatic shower is not difficult to choose and buy, as long as grasp the simple three steps, you can choose and buy to the quality of thermostatic showers. Function of thermostatic shower of choose and buy the first step: look at the most core function of thermostatic shower is constant temperature water, if the home has an old person or child, we strongly recommend that selects the thermostatic shower: appollo imported ceramic valve core, intelligent sensor, the temperature control precision, precision lock 38 ℃, is no longer hot and cold, give family more comfortable! In addition, the stem is also one of the functions of can't be ignored. Self-cleaning appollo thermostatic shower spray head, prevent water blockage, silicone outlet, clean and convenient, suitable for domestic water quality around the region, flower is aspersed is used long easy jam also don't have to worry about, flick, descaling immediately. Thermostatic showers of choose and buy the second step: look at quality thermostatic shower which brand is good? Big brand quality more assured. The valve core is the heart of the flower is aspersed, determines the quality and service life. Quality flower is aspersed most of the ceramic valve core, the strongest corrosion resistance. appollo best imported ceramic valve core, precise structure, high temperature resistant, resistant to frost crack, 500000 opening and closing a drip-tight! In accordance with national standards. Followed by plating, generally speaking, from the flower is aspersed on the surface, the more light is exquisite, said the better the coating process, wet toilet environment, appollo showers are through grinding, polishing, surface dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating, such as processing, used for years still if brightness is new. Thermostatic showers of choose and buy the third department: see water want to have a ball at bath, shower water is very important, when choosing thermostatic shower, can let the flower is aspersed tilt of the water. If the top of the water spray hole has an obvious little or none, shows the interior of the flower is aspersed design in general. appollo thermostatic shower 3 block water control, water, its water, water, air, hold out free switch, follow the bath. Through the above three analysis, hoped everybody help thermostatic showers of choose and buy, thermostatic shower which brand is good? appollo sanitary ware will be your ideal choice. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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