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These small installation details can affect the splashing water problem of shower room! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Now many families have begun to choose shower room, because it has the function of dry wet distinguish in a certain extent, also can effectively guarantee the toilet clean. But in the process of using, some users will find that some shower room or splashing water problems exist, this problem should be attention when installation, can be effectively avoided. Want to do the waterproofing of shower room, the first to choose suitable waterproof materials, the second is the standard of waterproof construction, so we can ensure that the waterproof effect of shower room. Building structure is the most stable part of shower room, not only the area is narrow, pipes, also many, but also in contact with the water for a long time, so the requirement of waterproof is extremely high, where the easiest ooze water shower room is concentrated in the place such as sanitary ware, Yin and Yang Angle, around the floor drain, so it is best to use when doing waterproof hutch defends waterproof coating, first with repair mortar, quick-setting type will be easy to leakage repair to strengthen, and then use has permanent waterproof coating mixture to do waterproof, this kind of special material for waterproof effect must be more than ordinary materials. As for the ground of shower room is all need to be waterproof, metope should be 1. 8 meters, if is a lightweight wall preferably is high, and install these details cannot be ignored. For new or refurbished family decorate, if you want to redecorate the floor tile of toilet, will cut to the original floor tile, then use cement mortar leveling the ground of toilet, and then to do waterproof processing, so that you can avoid because of the uneven and cause leakage. Seams must besmear to brush in place, joint between the wall and the ground of toilet, seams of fluctuation water pipeline and ground, is particularly easy to appear problem, at the time of construction, be sure to supervise good decoration workers deal with toilet fringes. Is also important to the processing of metope, general and toilet are doing waterproof processing, metope also should make a waterproof coating, about 30 cm high, prevent water infiltration metope.
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