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These things can remove the peculiar smell in the bathroom if you know that? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Is the place where we often use the toilet, toilet and shower room floor drain after use for a long time there is always a taste, toilet deodorant processing for everyday life, there is a certain understanding of the necessary, although many of the family installed the fan in the bathroom, but the smell of toilet sometimes still can't get rid of, what method can let the bathroom to remove bad smell? Before for toilet deodorant, need to know what the toilet smell because of the reason, the toilet in the bathroom and floor drain out of gas, mainly hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, methane, ethane, etc. Against the remedy to the case again to remove odor. Combustion method matches the head of the drug of sulfur, manganese dioxide, glass powder, etc. , a match after burning sulfur dioxide can be generated and the reaction of ammonia in the toilet. Clean toilet net to buy in the supermarket lavatory net can block with liquid, the price on one yuan to 3 yuan, threw a piece of the toilet cistern, flush the toilet with light fresh scent oh, a can use about 5 to 7 days. Toilet water use toilet water to remove smelly is convenient and effective way, in the case of a power outage on drop a few drops of toilet water wipe the lights in the toilet, toilet water, such as after completion of volatile when turn on the light house full of fragrance. Don't throw the skin in addition to the peculiar smell of orange peel, wash orange skin clean and wipe dry, in the toilet around, can achieve very good effect of dispelling peculiar smell, finish eat grapefruit, washed clean and wipe dry skin and on the toilet water box can also remove the peculiar smell. Plant deodorant deodorization toilet can use the fresh plant, bracketplant can purify air, ivy can sterilization with clean air, mint or light not only Yin can also disinfection sterilization, it smells very strong, can overwhelm the peculiar smell of the toilet.
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