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This summer, leading you picked the right?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-27
As temperatures rise gradually, spring water, faucet is easy to appear all sorts of problems in the home, the reason is the use of high frequency, the second is must have the faucet.

the faucet families are essential, a lot of people in decorating, when both space and use requirements, with the same faucet, results in the life experience or on resource use, has brought a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

so, tap the zha to choose?

shape choose

within the area of the small toilet, small bathroom faucet will directly affect the overall harmony of toilet and beautiful degree, so be tie-in appropriate in style.

on the lavatory faucet is a fundamental part of toilet, also use frequency very high sanitary ware inside toilet, whether it be brushing your teeth, wash your face and hands, pick up water, and so on, these daily, frequent wash all need to use it. So, was not only on the color and style need according to the style of the bathroom is tie-in, and at the same time in the beautiful, also need to consider the practical.

current intensity choose

when the choose and buy the faucet, turn on the tap water, choose the faucet with a bubbler, fingers touching water, soft water and bubble content rich bubbler quality is better. Bubbler generally to six floors, usually made of metal net, after net flow can be divided into many small water column, which mixed with air, so do not make splashes out. Appollo foam bath tap water is made of high quality device ( ABS material) , select material is excellent, durable, effective filtering various impurities, makes the water soft, no splash, fully feel close and comfortable with water.

outlet to choose

are usually vertical water faucet, and bathroom faucet because of small footprint design, vertical water to wash their hands or other easily when touching the basin that wash a face.

so when the choice to choose the shuikou outward tilt will be better, so turn on the tap, water will rush to the hands.

the Appollo bathroom faucet series products are with high quality valve core, first switch feel is smooth, smooth, prevent drip, valve core is the use of raw materials and lubricants are of fine quality materials, in strict accordance with the standard production and inspection, make the products more durable, feel more comfortable, the product is. The use of more than 600000 times.
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