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by:Appollo bath     2020-10-31
The world toilet organisation ( WTO)

had statistics: 6 - everyone go to the toilet every day Eight times.

about 2500 times a year,


in one's life is about 3 years time

are spent in the toilet



the toilet as less important, how can easily ignore?

a good toilet

can bring you comfort and happiness full

1, the bathroom toilet design Appollo super beauty greasy

is not just a toilet, toilet and household ornaments, reflect your life taste, the sanitary ware that Appollo that a high level of the toilet in appearance, to add to the family, greatly improve indoor design effect, mood letting a person is more enjoyable.

2, Appollo sanitary toilet clean and health

the toilet is the place that shelter evil people and practices more easily, easy to dirty and difficult to clean up the toilet often make people frustrated, toilet cleaning and disinfection is the key to keep the toilet clean. In addition to keep the habit of cleaning at ordinary times, the 'net' ability of the toilet is also very important.

Appollo sanitary toilet all pipe glazing, smooth degree of smooth glaze glaze is 3 times of ordinary glaze, not easy to hang dirty, greatly increasing the fouling resistance of ceramic surface, also added antibacterial silver ion antibacterial rate is as high as 99. 8%, to keep the toilet clean for a long time, if brightness is new.

3, Appollo sanitary toilet understand more understand you

the toilet of the new era should be more humanity, more intelligent, like the waiters around you, carefully service your privacy and important needs, Appollo intelligent toilet automatic defending bath of warm water wash + warm air drying, seat induction heating, the washing, hip, massage function more care for women and supercharged vortex strength, a key rinse.
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