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To know what is the standard size before buying bathtub -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
As the development trend of real estate in recent years, conveniently also lead to the development of the sanitary ware industry, through the integration of the original ceramic industry unceasingly, after a new batch of ceramic sanitary ware in such a competitive pressure, only constantly emerging markets, including household common bath crock. So bath crock is a standard size you know what? Below we together and see it. What are standard size bath crock whether to choose a good bath, have to think ahead and bath crock is a standard size. In addition to want to consider the size of it, but also need to consider to the comfort of bath crock, design, modelling, faucets, shape, and placement. Bath once bought, if found not suitable for or take to change a problem may be more trouble, and the amount of time or length. The bath crock that at the most standard size is 170 cm and 150 cm. Bathtub standard size how much is the square of the standard size is 170 cm, if there are individual needs, can be changed to 150, 160, 180, 190, etc. The basic width of the quadrate tub for 70, 75, 85, 90 cm, width is 80 cm, with most widely and the most common width is 70 cm, and there are 58 - The height of 90 cm. If you're not used to the square of the bath, then select the elliptical shape of bath crock, too, the bathtub standard size and square standard size. Ordinary bathtub standard size we common ordinary standard width size is 700 - 900 mm, length is 1200, 1300, 1400, 1600, 1700 mm, height is 355 mm to 518 mm or so. Common bath crock can only meet the effect of the bath to users, there is no other bath so multi-purpose use, but this kind of bath crock generally can meet the demand of modernization of the space that defend bath, because is very popular in the market.
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