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To talk about a seemingly beautiful sanitary ware 'private tailored'

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-11

At present, the product that defend bath category increasingly subdivided, which highlights personalized custom after bath by 80, 90. Many sanitary ware enterprise also began to develop customized bath. In this era of the pursuit of personality, the enterprises that defend bath also need according to this kind of personalized consumer demand to make personalized products. Under the influence of the market consumption demand, customized bath favored by more and more consumers in recent years. After a period of development, however, about the custom sanitary ware related problem also began to emerge. do not have a high level of customization, at present, almost all of the household products can be customized, involves varieties of wardrobe, cabinets, bathroom. It is understood that in real life, many function of intelligent almost in less than, but consumers in pursuit of their own appearance or a particular function but have to pay for the unnecessary function, very embarrassing situation. It is considering the current consumer personalization and the pursuit of cost-effective, sanitary ware enterprises to adapt to the demand of consumer launch of the custom business. However, in the industry have pointed out that in recent years, enterprises that defend bath to launch private custom service is in response to the transformation and upgrading of enterprise, there are still many obstacles, but the service even if a few claims & other; Custom sanitary ware & throughout; Products, in fact is the collective custom, rather than individual personal customized completely. With the proliferation of online business demand and differentiation between merchants, sanitary ware manufacturer and frequently interactive e-commerce platform, make & other; Custom & throughout; Popular in the wind. The personage inside course of study says, the custom service is not really a personal customized, mainly manufacturers list let the consumer to choose optional menu, customization degree is not high. Sanitary ware resistance much customization process, for the moment, due to various reasons, some sanitary ware enterprises launched private custom still exist many obstacles: one is the only focus on appearance, such as size, material, color, etc. , and for the internal structure of the personalization customer satisfaction is not high. Second, some enterprises private custom product that defend bath the lack of the corresponding set of menu options, more customers feel & other; Narrow face & throughout; ; Three is some custom private bathroom product pricing is too high, after-sales service is to let people worry about it. In addition, some sanitary ware enterprise custom space is not large, customer choice is narrow. Actually provide set menu, can avoid customer whimsical requirement, also can reduce production cost, but currently the vast majority of sanitary ware enterprises can't do it. Due to the product that defend bath private custom personalized pursuit, so the custom price is higher, but some sanitary ware enterprises take the high prices, let the customer can't place the order. Also, loopholes in the sanitary ware that private custom after-sales maintenance, let the customer not trust. Due to a batch production of sanitary ware product model is different, custom sanitary ware, once appear problem is very difficult to find spare parts fault quality that also has some problems. Therefore, custom product that defend bath to rational: it is not only pay attention to its appearance, after all, the product that defend bath is the most important is practical; The second is to work with big companies, so that quality is guaranteed. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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