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Toilet, basin oil and dirt is difficult to remove? A recruit, very practical! !

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-25
It is easy to find in after long time use the lavatory between sanitary ware, grease and dirt is easy to accumulate and then use the grass acid pickling to wipe the surface of the basin that wash a face, after waiting for a minute and then rinse with water, the basin that wash a face is become shining. This is due to the high oxalate acidic, are quite efficient removal of oil pollution and so on, but remember that finished with oxalic acid to wash with water as soon as possible, to avoid the acid erosion surface. If can not improve, can buy bottled water safety bleaching water, pour into the lavatory is the place of besmirch, about 20 minutes later with a towel or sponge, cleaning, and then wash clean can, but don't use microfiber cloth or sand powder brush surface, because it will scratch the surface of basin, lose its luster.

wash basin class method above can also be applicable to other ceramic sanitary ware, in addition, to protect the ceramic sanitary ware, also note the following:

1. Can not to the commode into newsprint, paper urine pad, women use sanitary napkin or jam.

2. To prevent breakage and leakage, ceramic is not allowed.

3. Jam, please immediately use skin attractor ruled out.

4. Can't use and storage at 0 ℃ below the water environment.

5. In order to prevent the expansion of the cement to burst at the bottom of the toilet and must use glass glue for installation.

6. Crouchs implement when installation, it is suggested that the product installation surface between the floor and separated by a thin layer of asphalt.

7. When installed in face basin, it is recommended to use glass glue, banning the use of epoxy.

8. If there is a metal scratch, in the case of no damage to glaze, available dilute acid wash through chemical reaction.

9. Implement when installation, if the floor is too thin, Suggestions can not expansion bolt, directly with silica gel.

10. If you choose cabinet basin, especially the hanging cabinet basin, it is recommended that you do not directly fixed cabinet, cabinet to the fixed with ceramic wash basin, it is safer.

there are a lot of clients in domestic water flushing the toilet, wash the clothes of the alkaline wastewater, through easy to damage the water, toilet water tank water with oil stains are easy to corrosion parts make porcelain body stains, so suggest as far as possible need not too dirty water and washing water to flush the toilet bowl chopsticks, but without the tank directly poured into the toilet flush.
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