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Toilet closestool is always wash not clean? 95% of people don't know why!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Everyone had such experience

the toilet with long

will obviously feel the impact is not so good just bought time

no just began to clean the toilet also blunt

. 。 。 。 。 。

what reason is this?

together and see it ~

the toilet flush clean

it is mostly due to the following two

it is a toilet block

2 it is toilet momentum enough

1, the toilet blocked what reason is there?

mild jam: toilet jams caused by such as toilet paper, sanitary napkin or hair, can directly use simple toilet dredge tools, such as toilet dredge it directly.

hard jam: if the toilet is a brush or comb hard objects such as congestion, so don't waste your time, can only call to call on the toilet of professionals to fix!

aging jam: toilet use time long wall will scale, scale of serious word can block the toilet drainage holes, resulting in the water slowly, scraping dirt will let the toilet water flow

the toilet shifter dislocation: one of the outlet of the toilet bend, shifter, if shifter appear problem, need to ask professional personage to toilet apart after reshipment.

wrong operation: flush when wrong operation can also lead to lack of momentum, the correct method is flush button 2 ~ 3 seconds, do so to open the product completely, the power of water to reach the best!

2, toilet flush power is not enough?

the toilet for a long time, total felling the toilet flush power always feel less motivated than just started to use! Many people will think it is their toilet congestion toilet flush power has weakened. So the toilet flush power is not enough?

1. Flush toilet itself strength is insufficient, insufficient water pressure, the cause of the adjustment of repair method is as follows:

( 1) Can adjust water tank water level. Boring, impact and water down slowly, can explain the pipe a little stuck, dredge the can, if from tank to toilet flow slowly, check the toilet water tank to the outlet of the water to see if there is something blocked.

( 2) Can improve the water, for example, put the bottle in the tank.

( 3) Clockwise adjust the screw make water level rise of inlet valve, pay attention to the water to stay away from the overflow from the drain valve at least 10 mm from mouth.

2. Blunt water shortage, water supply, lead to problems such as the reason for the adjustment of the repair method is as follows:

( 1) If try all sorts of methods are not possible, only in the toilet, you can choose to siphon toilet, effect is good.

( 2) If the water shortage, can win the tank lid, adjusting under water. In the toilet flush button below two plastic barrel, above the cock can adjust length of the plastic water under control.

3. Installation fashion slant flange interface, a reduction in, the water flow adjustment of this repair method is as follows:

( 1) Immediately after the installation closestool: don't immediately, at the bottom of the test the waters will put the cement washed away, causing instability, toilet and leaking from the bottom. Don't use immediately, because at the bottom of the wet cement.

( 2) : when you install the toilet to supervise all the way, be sure to confirm the installation location, the way no mistake, otherwise there is a problem, serious is the entire demolition.

4. Long-term use, leading to a sewer pipe inner stained with dirt, lead to smaller, water adjustment of this repair method is as follows:

method one: pour the coke into static overnight in toilet, wash it the next day. Toilet dirt mainly urine and thermonatrite, because part of the material containing acid can neutralise urine and thermonatrite, so the carbonate in the coke can dissolve them fully, which would reduce the adsorption dirt, rinse, dirt will soon fall off.

method 2: in the toilet water tank water more, make into the toilet water enough, form enough water pressure will have better effect of siphon, which will waste water inside the toilet washed down the drain. Replace the toilet water tank, the water can completely into the toilet, so that the waste water discharge. Pour vinegar essence, based on what scale, if thicker Suggestions pour a little more, for half an hour to an hour, this method can remove scale, soften some impurities.
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