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Toilet decorate a feng shui, bathroom decorate gist

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-10

Often listen to mention to feng shui, for daily household life without understanding of feng shui. A lot of people will pay attention to feng shui knowledge, but you don't notice the toilet of feng shui. But because the feng shui of toilet is bad, get in the way of life, caused the life career is unpleasant, is bad, see together today. In traditional feng shui, feng shui to toilet, in addition to points to pin fierce square, other rarely mentioned, feng shui is increased a lot of new and modern toilet. According to the theory of feng shui, toilet is referred to as filthy, wet land, there are many taboos, such as do not is opposite the door, do not in the position of the tuyere and so on, these theories is to meet the requirements of modern environmental health. 

 The location of the toilet layout and collocation of note: 1, toilet should not be in the center of the bedroom, lest center polluted. 2, China has a vital water and fire, the space area belongs to what attributes of the five elements, must pay attention to avoid open and blunt. 3, toilet five lines of water, so the color of the bathroom had better choose belongs to gold white and black, blue water, is both elegant and can produce the feeling of peace and quiet. Light green, light yellow, light blue, ivory, etc are also give a person with relaxed and comfortable feeling, more suitable for use in the bathroom. So the collocation of color should be avoided for toilet dazzling colors such as red, to the toilet and jars of psychology. 4, avoid is no window, water is the main element of toilet, water more room is damper, which leads to heavy gas can stay, to make it tend to stagnation, if no window, consequences. Assuming that there is enough space, the bathroom must be rather big not small, to avoid the harmful air condenses indoor and stagnation. Some residential toilet is closed, no Windows, and as long as the exhaust fan, if the exhaust fan is not often open, in the long term, adverse to health. 

 The window of the toilet, can put green plants or hang a picture, can ease atmosphere in feng shui, angry. 5, lamps and lanterns joint avoid is exposed, toilet is damper, so take special care when installing electric lamp, electrical wiring. Lamps and lanterns and switch it is best to use with the function of safety protection, connector and socket also cannot be exposed. The switch such as rocker, appropriate is set in the toilet door, otherwise moistureproof waterproof model should be adopted for the panel, to prevent accidents caused by wet leakage accidents. 6, lamp act the role ofing unfavorable and overmuch, bathroom lighting, lighting should be general whole chooses incandescent lamp, with a soft brightness is advisable. But make up the floodlight that independence must install by lens, complement as local lamplight, mirror local illume is optional fluorescent lamp, in order to increase warm, spacious, and pure and fresh feeling. On the choice of lamps and lanterns of toilet, should with reliable water proofing property and safety of glass or plastic seal lamps mainly. On the modelling of lamp act the role ofing, unfavorable to ornament with the lamp type of heavy and complicated, more not too low, so as to avoid accidents. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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