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Toilet don't hire workers to do the installation, originally so don't stink, too smart

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
Modern society, more and more people are buying a house, house prices are increasing, this has let us overwhelmed, if decorate also want to please people, this is a big spending, which including toilet decorate, the average person will feel toilet decorates looks very trouble, oneself not to decorate, generally to decorate master to install, in fact, as long as careful observation, you will find, toilet is a very simple thing, can oneself to make, let's take a look at how to install the toilet myself! ! ! !

1. If we look closely at the master installation closestool, will find that they are generally reserved tubes for the whole cut out, actually doing so is unnecessary, we ourselves in the lane, in about 1 cm at the bottom of the tubes for the above cut off, and then buckle flange to seal, can do better sealing ability, can save some energy, kill two birds with one stone.

2. We sit implement, generally there are two toilet hole, we always feel itself should be two, in fact, think it over, more is not easy to jam, puckering fluency is far higher than that of double holes, so we are in your own operation, extra hole can be closed off, so that it can be more fluent.

from the picture you can see, there are two holes on the left side of the plane, its use is for the retaining bolt originally, but because it's not beautiful, and easy to rust, so generally do not use this way now, but the two empty it cannot allow its existence, because it will have bad smell came out from the two dorsum, cause the toilet often is faulty, so the best way is to use glass glue on them, to prevent the spread of taste.

3. General sealing, the outlet of the toilet can use flange, but remember, not be installed on the outlet flange, but want to install on the toilet, toilet itself has a certain weight, can make use of its own weight better buckle on the ground of the drainage pipe, install it saves the manpower, but also played a fixed sealing effect.

4. Don't feel to this completes, and a very important final step, after a fixed, want to play around the toilet glass glue, so taste don't coming from the crack and can be stronger, in general, air basks in two or three days, can be used.

in this way, we will complete the installation of the toilet, myself is now decorate compatriots, hurriedly follow the same steps as above to install by oneself!
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