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Toilet hair too much? Seven little coup easily except for troubles

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-10

Why always hair? There are about 100000 people's scalp hair follicles, each hair growth period of about 2 - After four years, into the stationary phase, nature falls off after a few weeks. Hair loss is a very normal phenomenon, like animal hair removal. A lot of people are very upset, in the bathroom to wash, brush their hair, easy hair piled up in the water, causing congestion. Hair is not easy to decay, pile up will be a lot of impurities and bacteria in the above adsorption, especially not health. Hair should be how to clean up the toilet? Remember seven little tips! 1, the use of old socks. Abandoned old stockings set on the broom sweeping the floor, because the silk stockings can produce electrostatic effect and ground, it is easy to adsorption of the hair and dust of the earth. 2, the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags can produce static friction with a few a little. The gloves in plastic bags, and then clean up the ground hair, can easily will suck up hair, clean, flipped the plastic bags directly discarded went, very convenient also not dirty hands. 3, with an old toothbrush. Replace toothbrush will often in the home, the old away again, it's a pity that. Toilet a few a spot as yet untouched by a easy to accumulate dirt and hair, is not easy to clean, but with an old toothbrush gently roll the hair can be easily rolled up, very convenient. 4, steel ball. Is everyone at ordinary times is often used in the kitchen washing the dishes gadgets, 5 MAO on the market price to $1. The steel wire ball, hair stuck at the entrance of the toilet drains, at ordinary times when shampoo steel wire ball can intercept the hair down, wrapping too much hair, can have a new one, and economical. 5, encase with filar socks sewage leaks. Can effectively intercept the hair and impurities. Silk stockings frivolous, permeability is very good also, can also serve as a perfect & other; Hair filter & throughout; Oh! 6, the width of transparent adhesive tape. The hair on the floor and dust can be easily pasted together. 7, to prepare a long clip. If you think that the above methods & other; It is hard to practice & throughout; And a method is to prepare a long clip in the bathroom, regular pin up the sewers. Finally a suggestion, don't throw the hair in the toilet, also don't give blocked the sewer, after all, now looking for a teacher to home to dredge sewer, and very expensive! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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