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Toilet is decorated is brick sink bathroom ark good good or hold? What is the difference between the two?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-10
Home to decorate bridal chamber 'good brick build by laying bricks or stones a sink, or buy a bathroom ark? Want to know the answer? See ~ 1 together. Cost comparison brick sink: brick of low cost, the cost of the main is a worker renovation costs. But to find someone to build by laying bricks or stones more troublesome, want to consider style and the style, to save money don't worry. Bathroom cabinet: basically a bathroom ark to several thousand dollars, you may be tens of thousands of. But wins in simple and convenient, as you buy, use, save trouble. 2. Practical contrast brick counters: although brick style style diversity, but receive a space than bathroom ark. And because the brick counters are easy to have wholesome blind Angle, dirt more easily hidden in ceramic tile aperture, clean more troublesome. Bathroom cabinet: a lot of bathroom ark with lens ark, receive a space enough. And the health of the cabinet corner, less cleaning more convenient. 3. Appearance level contrast brick sink: people don't like brick wash one reason is: brick counters are ugly, not on the table! Everybody in the mind of brick counters are estimated with this: bathroom ark: bathroom ark, because more and more people choose design is becoming more and more beautiful. Some people say that brick bathroom ark not only practical but also saves the cost. In fact, really? Actually otherwise, brick bathroom ark has many shortcomings, is a lot of people will not tolerate. First brick bathroom ark is not easy to mobile maintenance, leaking problems more troublesome. Second is easy to shelter evil people and practices between ceramic tile aperture, ceramic tile jointing is easy to get the black mold. Then there is built of brick and than buy ark of wall thickness, isn't it too waste of space? In the end is the modern artificial cost is high, want to is so brick bathroom ark, not only low cost, and is much better than the finished product bathroom ark. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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