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Toilet paper towel hair plug? Have it don't have to please the teacher clean the key not dirty hands!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
Every family met the toilet blocked, if workers to dredge please, I'm afraid it will take some money. Small make up it with plastic wrap and share with you today can solve the problem of congestion toilet, hope that friends can learn, so home happen later, might as well give it a try.

need to prepare the material: plastic wrap

1, the toilet is blocked up there's no need to worry, to the edge of the toilet with cloth to wipe clean, this step is very critical, only to wipe clean, can do not leak the next steps.

2, and then to home commonly used plastic wrap, wrap the toilet on the surface of package, the package must be need to pay attention to not leak, twisted.

3, and then press the flush button, such as the relationship between water pressure, we could see the surface of the plastic wrap has started to swell, as long as enough sealed plastic wrap package, uplift is very high.

4, then, with the hand you push hard on the plastic wrap, have been pressure to low, the process to convert the pressure of the plastic wrap into air pressure effect on the choke point directly, after such a high voltage, plug parts will unblock.

5, plastic wrap, and then press the flush button again, is to witness the miracle of the moment, we are already dredge the toilet, saved a lot of money.

this method seal is very important, if there is a gap between fear of plastic wrap, can consider to spray a thin layer of water mist of winding before.
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