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Toughened glass shower - the importance of explosion-proof membrane on the housing

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Many owners have said not toughened glass shower room, why put explosion-proof membrane? Everybody thought of toughened glass is safe also won't hurt people will never broken glass, in fact this is wrong understanding! Range of toughened glass and explosion-proof glass! There are many factors that can cause of toughened glass explosive defects, contains impurities such as glass, glass surface because of improper operation processing has defects such as scratches, Fried, deep blasting side, the other glass processing when heating or cooling when the temperature gradient along the thickness direction of glass uneven, asymmetry makes steel products have a tendency to blow itself up. However, it is because of the cause of tempered glass from exploding a lot, so the toughened glass is explosive, or artificial damage defects, through the visual is usually difficult to define, thus causing a lot of dispute between businesses and consumers. According to the pledges inspect bureau experts remind consumers and manufacturers of responsibility when there is doubt, first of all, to protect the scene, and quality control experts, please the door of glass fragmentation and installation process analysis to provide expert advice. Our country the threshold of the production of toughened glass is higher, but the threshold of the toughened glass shower room is relatively low, the general situation undoubtedly magnified glass processing level for toughened glass to the effect of the explosive rate, so the highest rate of toughened glass shower room explodes oneself. Explosion-proof membrane can improve the strength of toughened glass, toughened glass burst at the same time, through the viscous force of explosion-proof membrane explosive of glass pieces can be glued together, prevent glass splinters caused by glass explosive injury. Therefore, in order to reduce the toughened glass shower room glass explosive injury risk, the owner can choose and explosion-proof membrane with case one thousand.
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