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Two spring breeze bath, show new as China intelligent sanitary ware

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-09
National two sessions in 2018, with the new coordinates of the time and significant, from China will catch up with The Times to lead times in what new posture dream goal in one hundred.

prime minister li keqiang pointed out in the government work report, must be 'to carry out quality improvement action, to promote with the international advanced level of the training, and carry forward the spirit, to a quality revolution in made in China.

a, Appollo sanitary ware is one of the manufacturing enterprises in China

the seat was both houses of the high frequency words, now go abroad for toilet cover is history, trapped in a low price, low technology, low manufacturing capability, used to hit the 'made in China' in the international market, toilet cover became two high-frequency words, even of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, represented by SUSHIDE made important contribution to Chinese consumers backflow, is light industry advanced models of learning.

2, adapt to market changes the wei yu that Appollo

with innovation driven supply side structure reform, the quality to enhance comprehensive competitiveness, at present, social principal contradictions of our country the growing demand for a better life for the people and the contradiction between the inadequate development of unbalance. As a first-class brand, wei yu intelligence SUSHIDE early insight into the changes on demand China sanitary ware market, and on the supply side in the upgrade from the brands, products, services.

3, pioneered China's wei yu the wei yu that Appollo intelligent wisdom made

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