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Various aspects need to be considerate, how to defend bath to join us?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-27

Sanitary ware products as durable consumer goods, request the design, manufacture, installation and after-sale each link to provide professional and thoughtful service, to ensure installation products to customers at home and sell samples have the same quality and effect. So far, the Appollo wei founded hundreds of sales outlets across the country, including 9 branches, and more than 30 retail stores, retail growth rate in 400 & amp; 。 Appollo has by industry dark horse, become consumers welcome high-end sanitary ware brands as a whole. In 2017, the Appollo to upgrade movement launched terminal, the focus is to create a better user experience. Matching to this is that Appollo will bring into play the function of terminal support team to promote in-depth line help more dealers to promote terminal stores management ability, from the brand image, personnel management, sales channels and systemic brand comprehensive competitiveness. Appollo joining process a sanitary ware sanitary ware: first Appollo sanitary ware sales staff will field the situation to the customer; 2: client in Appollo sales staff under the guidance of wei yu, fill out the dealers to join application ( Attached) And the customer copy of the valid certificates such as business license, tax registration CARDS, legal representative id sent to or fax to the Appollo sanitary ware; Three: Appollo sanitary ware sales department according to the customer data of first instance for the customer, after the qualified marketing director for the last audit; Four: after checking through the marketing director, Appollo sanitary ware sales department for the dealers to join in to apply for approval and receipt customers; Five: the customer, after receipt of the receipts should be signed with Appollo sanitary ware good 'distribution agreement'; 6: when a customer satisfy 'distribution agreement' signed by the the terms specified in the later, becomes the Appollo sanitary dealers. Seven: the customer application must provide stores and shop floor plan with the southeast northwest, photos ( The external and internal) , the trend of the passenger flow for store design, etc. With continuous hot Internet and the concept of smart, many businesses flocked, detonated a smart home industry, the traditional furniture enterprise to bring the crisis at the same time, it brings more opportunities. In the future, as the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data such as the development of new technology, intelligent household industry more new changes will occur. Intelligent bathroom products as a branch of smart home, is undoubtedly the most rapid development, popularize more kind of products. Under the intelligent household tide sweeping, electronic, digital and automation of modern science and technology has been applied in the field of sanitary ware, sit implement, shower room, bathtub, bathroom cabinet, and other products to achieve different levels of intelligence, including intelligent toilet is especially typical. Relevant data show that intelligent implement penetration in Japan nearly 90 & amp; In South Korea, the penetration rate of more than 60 & amp; , and penetration in China is less than 2 & amp; 。 Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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